Ensuring your rental property is ready for your new tenants


As a landlord, the arrival of a new tenant can be a busy time. You will have to ensure deposits have been secured, paperwork is in place, and that your property meets the agreed standards and regulations as set out in your contract.

A new tenant may be eager to get into the property as soon as possible, and similarly, you will not want to be sitting with a property lying empty, affecting your profit margins. It is no surprise then that often the last thing on your mind may be the cleanliness of the premises. But this can have a massive impact if a tenant arrives and the premises, either domestic or commercial, does not match their expectations. A disappointed tenant may result in some emergency cleaning done at haste and great expense, or in worst case scenarios. A tenancy agreement can fall entirely, leaving you searching for a new occupant and incurring more expense without any property income.

Don’t Start Badly

A lousy picture is being painted here, but it does not have to be this way. By engaging a professional cleaning company who can undertake the work hassle-free, you may be avoiding a lot of potential future headaches. You do not want to get off on the wrong foot with a new tenant. By handing the property to them in sparkling condition, you are implying that you care for the premises and expect your tenant to treat it with the same level of respect. It also allows you to set the standard going forward rather than allowing the tenant to dictate the level of cleanliness a property could be returned to you in. A tenancy is a long-term business relationship, and you want it to get started in the best possible terms as this will ensure a stable and, therefore, more lucrative partnership that could last for years.

If your last tenants have been difficult and left the property in a poor state, then an end of tenancy cleaning will allow you to set a new standard expected from your new tenants.

Use A Trusted Company

While it may be tempting to save a few pennies by going for the cheapest cleaner you can find, this will not guarantee that the cleaning will be up to standard. It is best to use a company that has a strong reputation for professional quality cleaning services. If your property is situated in London’s boroughs inside the M25, then Cleaningsure can not be more highly recommended. They have a strong track record cleaning commercial and residential properties of all sizes. They maintain their high standard through rigorous training and vetting of their staff. Peace of mind is assured as they have insurance to cover all of their cleaning contracts. This is essential when you want a professional clean with minimal stress on your part.

Create Long-Standing Relationships

If you have a portfolio of properties and a high turnover of tenancy agreements, then the end of tenancy cleaning could become arduous if you had to find a new cleaner every time. This is why an established company that will always have the capacity to clean your property is a great idea. If you can develop a long-standing relationship with the company, you know your portfolio will always start a new tenancy agreement looking fresh and welcoming.

Likewise, developing a relationship with a cleaning services provider like Cleaningsure means that you can always rely on their services no matter the issue. So if a tenant has stained a carpet or left an oven filthy, the company can come in for these one-off cleans. If you have older properties on your portfolio, then a renovation might also occur occasionally; Cleaningsure can clean up after building work.

Remember Your Bottom Line

Engaging a cleaning service is an investment into your new tenancy agreement, and it is about balancing high quality, reliable service with affordability. You do not want to end up blowing your budget, cleaning the property, and needing the first few rental payments just to recoup those costs. Choose a company that promises affordability and quality to ensure your profit margins remain high. But remember, choosing the cheapest may not give you the best value for money either. Trusted and reliable insured services are worth the cost when it comes to any kind of investment into your properties. If you have a bumper year of rental deals, then you can always engage the company to clean up after a celebratory end of year party as well!