DeftPDF: The quickest way to convert and edit PDF files

Simplifying PDF with its all-in-one software, DeftPDF provides over 39 tools that works fast, user-friendly and reliable.

The software allows the use of these tools online and needs no installations or subscriptions. The best part: services are free and unlimited to use which is why DeftPDF users can do so much more to complete any given project.

With a variety of file formats supported, DeftPDF can convert Word applications, text, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, HTML, Excel, ePub and PowerPoint formats into PDF or vice versa. Conversions can be done with numerous pages and can be completed with different requirements. Tools available on its site are the perfect ideal solution for businesses or projects that need multiple changes. These alterations can be done online in the following ways:

  1. Converting PDF into different file formats
  2. Crop PDF and include only parts you want to show
  3. Split PDF and separate pages as a different document
  4. Merge PDF pages, combining multiple PDF files in one document
  5. Translate PDF into different languages necessary
  6. Compress PDF files and reduce the size for faster rendering
  7. Extract PDF pages or Delete pages
  8. Protect PDF with encryption or Unlock PDF by adding or removing passwords to your file
  9. Convert PDF to Grayscale to save ink or reduce disk space
  10. Repair corrupted PDF files
  11. Rotate PDF and fix the layout orientations of your pages
  12. Add header, footer or bates numbering
  13. Combine and reorder PDF pages into the arrangement you prefer
  14. Alternate and mix multiple PDF files into one

DeftPDF software also features editing capability which makes PDF easier, eliminating the need to start documents from scratch. Without any fees or requirements, users can add text, change text or erase using whiteout. PDF files can also be annotated, signed, watermarked, numbered, linked and many more. Forms can also be filled, images can be added, and if multiple pages are required to be printed on a sheet, N-up tool is always available for setting this up.

The web-based software can also convert scanned PDF documents into searchable PDF using OCR technology that recognizes text from images or flat documents. This function will allow any scanned files machine readable, enabling PDF editing and text searching possible.

DeftPDF developers knows how stressful it is to work with something new hence integration with online storages and the drag and drop functionality on the web was added to further simplify the experience even for beginners. Users can simply drag files from the computer on to the site for upload as no installations are required.

More conveniently, a chrome extension has also been launched with access to the software, offering all essential tools to convert and edit instantly on the browser in just one click. Now, with hundreds of new users each day, DeftPDF online PDF editor remains free, adding new essential tools and becoming stronger each month.

PDF doesn’t have to be complicated. Visit for more information.