DECTA – Own-developed payment gateway for your business

Payment gateway

Payment gateways act as middlemen and play a very important role in the payment process.

Every business willing to sell their goods online needs an experienced acquirer who can connect their website to International Card Schemes.

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes and processes debit and credit card payments for online and offline merchants. Payment gateway software ensures the smooth payment process – after a customer makes a purchase on your website and pays with a credit or debit card, a payment gateway encrypts this confidential payment data and sends it to your acquiring bank/payment processor for authorization. Once the payment is approved, the payment gateway informs about this your e-commerce platform, so the delivery of service or goods can be started.

Payment gateways take on the responsibility for ensuring fast and secure payment transactions and act as a barrier against fraud and hackers. Merchants can be sure that customer data is safe throughout a transaction. Both, merchants and card issuers are protected from lack of funds, expired cards, closed accounts,  credit cards exceeding their limit, or possible fraudulent activity.

In the process of choosing the right payment gateway, you should carefully look at the presence of the following key features. The right payment gateway should:

– provide flexible and user-friendly payment integrations methods;

– offer the acceptance of diverse payment methods across multiple digital channels;

– integrate new payment solutions available on the market;

– provide pre-configured toolkits and developer-built codes that can be easily integrated into your e-commerce platform.

DECTA developed its own payment gateway which allows you a hassle-free, easy, and secure payment experience. Payment gateway by DECTA is a new online payment platform for merchants allowing them to manage and oversee incoming funds flow. You will be able to offer your customers the multiple payment options, while managing the potential fraud and credit risks, making the buying experience easier and more secure for your customers, while ensuring that you get paid on time. 

How DECTA Payment Gateway works

The main purpose of payment gateways is to facilitate communication between your website, the payment processor, and the bank that issued the credit card used to make the purchase.

Security is the main component of all known payment gateways, making sure that every transaction that occurs between a merchant and an issuing bank is encrypted to protect confidential financial information.

Although the transaction process is very fast and takes just a few seconds, several important steps are performed during this short period. As soon as the customer receives a request to the secure payment page and place the order, the transaction data (credit card number, expiry date, and CVV code) is encrypted with 3D Secure technology and sent to the payment processor through the payment gateway.

The next step – the payment processor contacts the credit card issuing bank and receives a confirmation or rejection of the transaction. This response is sent to the payment gateway, which in turn sends it to a merchant’s website. At the final stage, the information is interpreted and an appropriate response is generated. If the transaction was approved, the seller starts to perform the order.

DECTA Gateway Introduction

DECTA Gateway offers a technologically advanced solution with a lot of various useful functions for merchants. Its section list has 9 items:

  • Timeline – the first and most important section of the payment gateway. Here you can find all the necessary information about transactions and their status.
  • Invoices – this section allows you to access, issue, and customize new invoices that can be sent by mail or SMS for easy online payment. Invoices generated by DECTA Payment Gateway can be paid just in two clicks.
  • Subscriptions – this section is made especially for regular recurring payments. All messages are delivered automatically and are based on a schedule of preference.
  • E-commerce & API – these features are perfect for merchants who wish to make sales using the e-commerce module of platforms, for example, WooCommerce or Magento, or explore DECTA API documents. Using the API, DECTA Gateway can be integrated into the billing process of any other system, including e-commerce websites and mobile apps.
  • Team accounts – this section is a great help for merchants in the management of their agents, sales, and operations. It can track and analyze the performance of each team member. This feature helps in taking necessary action necessary for the improvement of business processes.
  • Clients section – the main goal of this section is to ensure a personal approach to each client. That is possible to find here all the information regarding the frequency of purchases, delivery requirements, and saved card data.
  • Analytics – you can add filter and view your key performance indicators in comprehensive graphs, charts, and tables.
We guarantee you a fast and simple onboarding process. Get in touch with DECTA – our helpful team of professionals will be happy to answer all the possible questions you may have about our own-developed payment gateway.