Contact centre outsourcing services Philippines – Leading the world

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The Philippines is a world leader as an outsourcing destination for contact centre and business process outsourcing (BPO)related services.

As the world continues to advance and technology becomes more and more ingrained and necessary in day to day life, having affordable and accessible call centres and BPO services are only becoming more vital. The Philippines has become a destination for businesses in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to help fill their outsourcing needs.

It is a country full of qualified and eager people looking to work and help in globalizing the workforce. They have earned a reputation as the undisputed leader for call or contact centre-related services.

It is no wonder why companies of various sizes, backgrounds, and industries from all over the world are moving their contact centres to the Philippines. One of the most well-known ways of outsourcing is through a call centre. Call centres are a centralized office or space focused on handling a large volume of phone calls for a variety of purposes, whether inbound or outbound calls.

Housing these centres in the same location as the business can be costly and even inefficient for many companies across the world. There are several countries offering BPO outsourcing opportunities, but there are none quite as qualified as the Philippines. With one and a half million highly skilled and proficient English speakers to take over manning phone lines, it adds a great amount of flexibility to any company. It provides this flexibility by cutting costs and boosting efficiency.

Companies have complete quality control over all call centre programs, schedules, and more. Outsourcing these duties is incredibly beneficial to all parties involved.

Many companies have chosen to relocate their contact centres and other service centres offshore. The Philippines is an ideal location for these BPOs because of all they have to offer to English speaking audiences. The Philippines is bursting with opportunities to host services for a plethora of industries to help fulfil any and all business process outsourcing requirements.

Contact centres are only becoming more and more productive. They have increased efficiency and income for the companies they serve. As more industries outsource their contact centre services, the process will only become more streamlined. In recent years, the industry has become so lucrative it is hard to imagine why you wouldn’t want to use the Philippines for all BPO needs. In the Philippines alone, the industry is projected to have an income of anywhere from US$40 to US$45 billion by 2024, which is a huge increase from 2016 with an income of US$20 billion.

In just a few years, the industry has doubled its income, which can only mean it has become more productive and lucrative. BPO outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Philippines today. They are also one of the most enterprising and resourceful sectors as well.

With technology ever-changing, people see it as a threat to call centres. Technology-based call centres do not serve the same purpose or clientele. According to Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of Piton-Global, an award-winning outsourcing provider in the Philippines, “People still want to speak with a real person on the other end of the phone.

They want to know that their voices are being heard, and their needs and requests are being taken seriously by a person. Technology may seem like a more efficient and cheaper option for many companies, but it often results in dismayed and frustrated clients. A machine driven by software does not have the ability to speak with a person on a human level.” The Philippines can easily take over the business of answering and handling phone-based work that would otherwise be deemed too expensive to maintain in-country.

BPOs and call centres are a necessary part of most businesses, but they can be a very costly aspect of running a business as well. To keep standards high and efficiency even higher, outsourcing contact centres to the Philippines is a viable and proven avenue in continuing to guarantee a real person behind the phone call.

Outsourcing may sound like an expensive avenue, but it is actually quite a lucrative avenue for any business. Many businesses have saved up to 60% just by outsourcing. Not only do they save money, but their money also goes further in the Philippines than in their home country or other countries offering BPO services.

The Philippines offer a great amount of growth opportunity by allowing you to take a costly but necessary part of your business overseas. Streamlining your business at home can only help make you more successful and efficient.

The Philippines is the perfect destination for contact centre services with more than one-and-a-half million qualified people proficient in English and ready to work hard towards globalizing the world’s economy. As a leader in call centre and business process outsourcing, they are the perfect choice for any company in any industry.