Consider an affordable accessible provider like Zadarma for 2021 business growth


2020 has been one of the toughest years in history for businesses. There is no doubt the pandemic and the ways businesses have had to adjust to ensure their survival has changed the trajectory of what 2021 will look like.

But how should businesses prepare and ready themselves for the upcoming year?

With many employees still under lockdown orders, companies have now got used to operating with a remote workforce with some businesses now rethinking their entire working environment evolving their business model. Many have questioned the need for such large offices and extensive travel budgets.  Some companies experienced an increase in productivity, efficiencies and significant savings when their workforce went remote. However, working from home wasn’t ideal for others. In 2021, businesses need to reimagine their own workspaces and communication infrastructure as well as ensure people working remotely long term are equipped with the right office set up. With this in mind, now is a sensible time to ensure you have a credible affordable VoIP provider in place to meet the needs and objectives for 2021.

Zadarma is a long-established VoIP provider with an impressive range of easy to use telecommunication features.  Zadarma’s adoption this year in the UK has scaled significantly and its take up is set to continue into 2021 for many simple reasons. The number one reason being its affordability and ease of use. Zadarma is renowned for its fair, scalable pricing and customisation, giving the user the ability to adapt the system to any business need. Zadarma offers a cloud PBX system, free for regular users that continuously top up their account, with a wide variety of functions, such as call transfers and recordings, automated fax receiving and welcome messages, call waiting with music options, interactive voice response, and the ability to connect multi-channel virtual numbers anywhere you are.

It’s highly affordable with a variety of VoIP system bundles.

  • Standard – £0 per team/month (up to 5 users)
  • Office – £17.00 per team/ month (2-10 users)
  • Corporation – £33.00 per team/ month (5 to 400 users)
  • Free trial software
  • Free API integration
  • An unlimited plan is also available

In addition to Zadarma’s low rates, Zadarma has a variety of features ensuring you have the optimum communication model in place for business growth into 2021, Your business telephone software (or more widely known as business phone systems) will need to easily adapt to accommodate the new distanced working environment.

Zadarma’s Cloud PBX is a cloud phone system. Once set up, your workforce is able to work from home and make/receive calls as if they were in the office. All you need is a smartphone application or program for your computer or laptop. PBX, allows you to connect vast amounts of phone numbers in regions convenient for your clients and allows you to direct calls to appropriate employees. This is perfect if your company has more than one employee working remotely or newly dispersed teams.

Zadarma also offers video conferencing. As we head into 2021 virtual meetings will continue. Zadarma’s simple video conferencing software is used globally. Another service Zadarma can offer is their free CRM solution. This cloud integration is perfect for remote team working, centralising transactions and maintaining a history of contacts with customers. Integration with your office PBX will allow you and your employees to make calls to customers and plan tasks in one click. This provides centralised communication from any device which supports the extended socially distanced ways of working. Zadarma’s ZCRM is a single system that all employees have access to, but each employee can have limited access to functionality or data. ZCRM is fully integrated with PBX or with your own software for free.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Zadarma offers a collection of robust services all within their standard price plans. Here is a useful feature & benefit summary list:

  • Simple, quick and easy in set up and use
  • 30,000 virtual numbers including toll-free are available across 90 countries worldwide
  • Call tracking
  • Voice menu and voicemail system
  • Free to set up cloud PBX customisable to needs
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) backed by features including call pickup, transfer, recording, conditional and unconditional forwarding and call waiting.
  • Answer machine
  • Call centre solution
  • Call back widgets
  • SMS
  • Video conferencing
  • Free API integration with your CRM and messaging ie: Slack, Salesforce, Facebook Messenger and Zoho CRM

Businesses have embraced and adapted to change in 2020. Businesses have also opened their eyes to the importance of future-proofing their communication operations to ensure whatever crisis occurs their infrastructure is solid enough to continue on their critical growth path.  Zadarma provides a large virtual number coverage and does not charge for adding extra users, always matching the lowest rates. The seamless system is easy to set up and allows for the bespoke configuration that is affordable and adaptable, appealing to a variety of small to large businesses in the UK.

As we wave goodbye to a testing year, now is the time to consider securing long term core communication transformations. Hopefully, with our compilation of Zadarma affordable rates and accessible features, you will be able to gain an understanding as to how you can leverage the industry shifts of 2020 to gain strategic business advantage into 2021.