Concrete financial protection in just a few taps

Millions of adults in the UK would have to borrow money to afford an unexpected bill of £300, research has found.

A company’s most prized possessions are its investment products since they lay the foundation of its financial planning and goals.

Many factors come into account when a company outlines its financial planning to save itself in case of a crisis, the most important being financial protection.

Financial protection consists of a range of insurance policies that tend to pay out under certain situations. If a company is vulnerable financially, these policies play an important role in securing the company’s future, acting as a safety net. Not everything goes as planned, but a company with an insurance policy can keep things on track when circumstances go against their favour.

Finding a suitable insurance policy can be quite difficult. To help companies make better decisions, digital insurance companies like Betadia Limited have been relentlessly working to provide financial security and peace of mind to business owners by safeguarding their finances.

Aiding clients to achieve financial security

Betadia Limited is a UK-based digital agency that was founded by Ollie Roberts in 2006 with the aim of offering financial security to businesses of all sizes. The company was officially registered in 2020, providing financial protection to clients to make their investment decisions hassle-free.

There are many reasons why securing a business’s investment schemes is crucial. It is always important to have a fallback plan in case things take a wrong turn. Not having a solid plan means risking the company’s entire future if adversity strikes. Only 27% of consumers are confident that they would be able to cope in the face of adversity.

Betadia Limited acts as the guardian of the vendor’s or the client’s investment products by ensuring easy access to insurance policies. The inspiration behind Betadia Limited was to build a digital agency that could serve as an intuitive platform for clients that promotes financial literacy particularly in the field of investment and provide digital insurance plans designed to protect investment capitals. Therefore, Betadia users have the ease of managing their subscriptions within a few taps and making transfers from the comfort of their residence.

Betadia Limited has always been committed towards empowering clients financially. The company also provides clients with investment knowledge that allows them to invest with great confidence and a sense of financial security.

Striving towards betterment

From its headquarters in London, Betadia has expanded its foothold to different parts of the world. As of July 2022, Betadia Limited has established its presence across 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific including Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The company believes that the Southeast Asian market has great potential to further expand the company’s user base. Hence, in the third quarter of 2021, Betadia successfully delivered its services and insurance expertise across the entire Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, the company has also forged a strategic partnership with Visa and Mastercard on 11 April 2022. As part of the collaboration, customers will receive a credit card that is solely dedicated to carrying out transactions within Betadia. The company also aims to further expand this collaboration beyond Southeast Asia.

Betadia also offers a wider variety of features such as affordable premiums, guaranteed capital assurance, high flexibility, prudential risk management, and transparent policies as its biggest fortes, all of which come under the wise management of experienced directors and financial consulting teams.

As the company continues its effort to establish itself as a truly global household name in the field of investment-linked insurance, more investors will be more aware of how they can best safeguard their precious investment capital. Last but not least, Betadia Limited is focused on becoming the top digital insurance provider in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, hoping to create a healthy investment environment and shape a unique brand image in the insurance industry.