Compliance in casinos: 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them

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Casino companies have numerous players from Poland that access their platforms frequently. They also share confidential information when joining the sites.

That means that there must be regulations to ensure that every aspect in gambling moves as expected.

Additionally, some casino companies may employ unscrupulous methods in their systems to rig their users. The casino regulations can limit them from engaging in such unethical acts.

Without a better understanding of the key policies they should adhere to, they can end up violating some of them either knowingly or unknowingly. Cases associated with failure to observe casino compliance can make the casino companies face dire consequences.

Therefore, to make you understand them, we linked up with our expert Jacek Michalski to discuss the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

The common compliance mistakes

Consider the below mistakes that most casino companies commit as they fail to comply with the casino regulations. It will give you an idea of why compliance is not a light matter.

Failing to prove new users identity

With the advancement of technology, cybercrime has become rampant, and various companies operating online are at risk of losing confidential data to hackers in Poland. They also risk losing other essential items online. Some hackers also join the sites through impersonation to enable them to get the information they want. Every casino online must prove the identity of a person who wants to access its platform as we are living in a world where bots are taking over.

Similarly, casino sites also risk losing data to hackers. But even after being aware of that, some still fail to do proper authentication of their users before joining the sites. As a result, they end up losing large amounts of data to unknown sources. That also puts the other players at risk in Poland.

The polish companies should put better authentication systems that ensure only genuine users join the sites. Additionally, they should make their data privacy standards higher. The cyber attackers should not find it easier to navigate through the site.

They should also make the verification process automatic. That way, it can be difficult to skip a single profile without verifying it properly. An automated system will also enable the identity verification to be more accurate and even save on time.

Failing to verify the source of funds

Mostly, the casino sites in Poland receive money from the punters but fail to request verification forms and other supportive documents. As such, they may receive money that is illegally acquired.

Players from Poland may also take advantage of the casino sites’ failure to ask for verification for the source of their money. In turn, they may decide to channel their illegally acquired money to their betting wallets.

To avoid finding themselves on the harsh side of the law, the casino companies should ensure that they verify the sources of money they receive. Doing that will enable them to avoid illegal money from getting its way into the site. Additionally, it will discourage people who use their family’s money to bet from doing that.

The companies should have strict guidelines regarding the handling of the submitted documents. There must be a team that ensures that the verification is accurate. The team should also be competent at detecting fake documents.


Undetected addiction

Gamblers from Poland get addicted to betting on various games quickly. Precisely, they may develop a habit of betting on games extraordinarily. Some companies fail to detect the addiction in its early stages, thus allowing it to grow with the gambler. The disadvantage of getting addicted to gambling is that the player can reach the extent of misusing their money or stealing from their relatives.

Therefore, companies should put in place mechanisms that monitor gamblers’ spending habits. If they realize the spending trend has changed, they should limit the gambler from spending heavily.

Additionally, casino companies can change their marketing audience. They should craft marketing copies that do not address those who are addicts to betting.

It’s key to always keep the casino regulation in Poland to avoid facing the wrath of the law. Companies that have paid huge fines in the past are likely to have failed to give their due diligence systems attention. That shows how compliance with regulations has a greater impact.