Clothes Dryer Stand: What Is It And Why You Should Have It

One deciding factor when it comes to choosing a property is how spacious it is. Now, while there are a plethora of options in the real estate market that can provide you with all the space that you need, it can prove too impractical for some.

There are a lot of factors to consider and one of those is if your furniture and electronics can fit into the property that you are planning to buy or already have. After all there are bulky items in your house that are non-negotiable such as the bed, couch, dining table and the tandem of washing machine and dryer.

Of course, with so much space available, you can expect the rent or price attached to the property to be quite hefty and if this isn’t ideal for you, then saving as much space as you can will make for the best option.

We’re here to help so continue reading to find out how a shop like Dryer Stands UK can solve that pressing dilemma for you.

What Is A Clothes Dryer Stand?

Don’t confuse this with a clothes drying stand as they are two completely different things. Although they share the same level of functionality, they have very prominent differences.

While the other serves the purpose of where clothes can be hung dry, the latter, the clothes dryer stand, is meant to be situated where the washing machine is and act as a shelf for the dryer.

This way, the two can be placed vertically but not directly on top of each other. It is meant as a division and a sturdy shelf where the dryer can be placed upon.

It is often made with durable steel and can be adjustable to fit the exact height you need.

Why Should You Buy A Clothes Dryer Stand?

As we are already on the topic of saving space, the number one reason why you should consider buying a clothes dryer stand is exactly that- to save space.

Instead of having your washing machine and dryer situated right next to each other, you can have them on top of each other so that saves you significant space that you can allot for other furniture you have at home.

This is perfect for those operating a front or top loading washing machine with dryer on top and is ideal for small laundry spaces or tight areas where bulky pieces of washing machine and dryer are not likely to fit horizontally.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Clothes Dryer Stand?

We cannot stress enough just how much space you will save with this purchase. But aside from that, there are other advantages you can get when you buy a clothes dryer stand.

It is best to organize your laundry area because this aids in productivity and also, a proper storage area for your washing machine and dryer will help tremendously in ensuring they are well maintained and properly kept.

It is ideal that you get one that is portable so that you can easily move it around should you need to redecorate or renovate your house. Another thing to consider is that it comes with an anti-slip feature for safety purposes.

Also, with a clothes dryer stand like the ones from a reputable shop like Dryer Stands UK, you eliminate the need to drill holes into the walls. You only need to assemble the piece and voila- you have a sturdy piece of dryer stand that can withhold great weight.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea when we get to know of a space saving hack. Especially one that is as functional as making sure that your laundry needs are met.

Invest in a quality piece that will help take care of your laundry equipment and one that you can use for a considerable amount of time.