Can you adopt a dog from another country?

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If you love dogs, you’ve probably thought of adopting a dog from another country. Many dogs are homeless all over the world.

If you happen to fall in love with a fantastic dog during one of your trips abroad, you shouldn’t hesitate to travel back together.

The good news is that adopting a foreign dog is much easier than you think. You only need to fulfill all the requirements put in place by the Canadian government to transport the dog safely. For instance, you’ll have to vaccinate your new pet to enter the country.

In this guide, we’ll share with you all the tips to adopt a dog from another country. You’ll also learn about all the requirements you must fulfill to process the adoption.

How to Adopt a Dog from another Country to Canada

Here are the tips to ensure a safer adoption and transportation of your new friend.

1.    Get Enough Money to Adopt a Dog Abroad

Adopting a dog from another country is a costly venture that requires finances. You will pay for the adoption fee, transportation costs, veterinarian exams, and related fines. On average, you’ll spend around US$150 – US$2,000 to adopt and transport the dog.

Notably, the currency exchange rates at the time of adopting the dog will influence the amount of money you’ll spend. To save on the adoption and transportation costs, find a currency exchange provider that offers the best rates for money exchange.

2.    Work with International Adoption Agencies

When you find a stray dog or meet one in a shelter overseas, you may want to transport it into the country. Many animal welfare groups can help you process the adoption and transportation of your new friend. Check the reviews before hiring any group or agency.

You can also check if the Humane Society has a branch in the country you adopt the dog. The organization has veterinaries that can spay and neuter the animals before adoption. They also check for parasites and diseases and give all immunization shots.

3.    Get a Local Vet to Examine the Dog before Transportation

Most countries require a traveller to get a health certificate for the dog when travelling outside the country. When travelling with the pet through customs, a customs worker or veterinarian will view the certificate to ensure your dog is healthy and non-contagious.

Find a reputable local veterinarian to examine your new dog before travelling back to your home country. They will fill out any required paperwork to prove that the dog is healthy. If working with an adoption agency, they might have their vets.

4.    Get the Dog Vaccinated against Rabies

When bringing a foreign dog into Canada, you are required to provide proof of rabies vaccination. If the dog has never received any vaccination before, vaccinate it before travelling back to Canada. Make sure you get the rabies vaccination certificate.

A rabies vaccination certificate should have information about you and the dog. That includes your name and address, the dog’s description, and the vaccination date. Notably, you cannot vaccinate puppies until they turn three months old.

5.    Check All Your Country’s Legal Requirements

When you are ready to start the adoption process, you should first check your home country’s regulations. Check all the requirements in terms of quarantine periods and veterinary exams. All these factors tend to vary between countries.

You can always find information on the requirements online through your government’s official website. Health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also provide information about foreign animal adoption for several countries.

6.    Check Your Airline’s Policies for Pet Transportation

It’s imperative to confirm if your airline offers pet transportation services. If they allow you to bring your new dog on the plane, make sure you understand their costs and requirements for travelling with a dog. Note that every airline has its unique policies.

Travelling with your adopted dog may not be easy if the vet paperwork is not ready or when your airline is not pet-friendly. You may also not travel with the dog if high or cold temperatures could endanger its health. Avoid flights with too many connections.

7.    Arrange for Alternative Transportation

What would you do when you discover you can’t fly with your new pet? Find a reputable flight volunteer who will check the dog as accompanied baggage. Organizations such as Soi Dog Foundation can help you locate a good flight volunteer on social media.

Another alternative transportation is to have the dog fly as unaccompanied cargo. But again, you’ll still need someone to take the pet to the airport and arrange for necessary vet examinations and clearance. Thankfully, many organizations can help you do that.

8.    Book an Appointment with Your Local Vet

Upon arrival in Canada from overseas, take your dog for regular checkups. It’s essential even if you had already spayed, neutered, or vaccinated the dog before boarding the plane. You should do that within 48 hours of arrival. So, book the services in advance.

Your home veterinarian will do a full physical examination to check for indications of injuries, parasites, heartworm, and tick-borne diseases. They may also give you any additional vaccination recommendations. Check for unusual behaviours in your dog.

Final Words

Now, you’ve discovered that adopting a dog from another country is much easier than you thought. So, if you meet a new canine friend in a foreign country during one of your trips overseas, don’t hesitate to travel back with it. All you should do is follow the guidelines we’ve listed. Remember to make the dog comfortable in their new home.