ASICWay launches high-profit making crypo mining hardware for both experienced and inexperienced miners

Since the emergency of crypto currency, there has been a tremendous growth in the industry with several options for crypto coins.

Notably, this growth has been multi-dimensional as different players in the sector come up with innovative ideas to maximize on profits with minimal resources.

One such player in the industry is the ASICWay, an innovative technology company created and managed by an experienced team of engineers.

Started with the aim of bringing the best technology to the crypto mining market, the innovators have now launched a never-seen before hardware that would change the industry greatly.

Crypto miners will no longer have to worry about maximizing on profits with minimal effort after the company launched a life changing and easy-to-use profit-making hardware for miners.

ASICWay launched three hardware AW 1, AW 2 and AW Pro, that can be installed in limited spaces and used effectively even by people inexperienced in the industry.

Speaking during the product launch, ASICWay CEO Aydan Brown said the three can be utilized effectively as long as the users understand the installation process.

“ASICWay is one of the earliest companies in this market to create products that are suitable for casual crypto enthusiasts mining from their home without much knowledge or experience,’ said Brown.

For easy use, the hardware has been pre-configured and all the user needs to do once it has been plugged in is to choose the preferred coin and entering the pool data.

The three have a low energy consumption rate with a higher hash rate, a general measure of the processing power of crypto mining rigs, which translates to increased profits and higher rewards on blocks.

Unlike other similar hardware, AW 1, AW 2 and AW Pro, have the advantage of producing low heat and minimal noise when mining, giving the miner peace and comfort to concentrate on the process.

Depending on the type of coin that one is mining, a user of the AW Pro, the most advanced, can make between $678 to $1099 for top coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero.  

For users of the ASICWay AW2, they have a potential of earning between $208 to $321 per day for the top four coins.

For the ASICWay AW 1 that is also the cheapest, users have the potential of making between $129 and $207 for the four top coins.

The earning projections were arrived at after repeated experiments to ascertain the accuracy and justify the return on investment.

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