AiresTech Reviews: Is EMF Radiation Protection Legit? Read Shocking UK Report

AiresTech is a proprietary electromagnetic radiation (EMR) modulation technology that mitigates the impacts of EMR.

AiresTech, when applied to a phone, computer, headset, or any other wireless device, is said to avoid the adverse effects associated with electromagnetic radiation.

Is AiresTech as good as it seems? How does AiresTech operate? Is it possible to stop EMR radiation with a simple device?

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about AiresTech and how it works.

What exactly is AiresTech?

AiresTech is an EMR modulation device.

AiresTech EMR protection products are divided into four categories:

  1. Lifetune Device
  2. Lifetune Mini / Pet
  3. Lifetune Personal
  4. Lifetune Room

Some are intended to safeguard a specific gadget. Others are intended to safeguard an entire room.

To limit the impacts of electromagnetic radiation, the device employs patented technology. Every day, the devices in one’s environment emit electromagnetic radiation. This radiation has the potential to be hazardous. EMR is emitted by one’s cell phone, computer, wireless headphones, and other wireless gadgets.

According to health regulators, this radiation is too low to affect the human body. Some argue that wireless devices raise the risk of cancer and sickness, producing brain fog, and even causing weight gain.

AiresTech claims to work at the nanoscale to counteract the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation.

It is an award-winning, patented device that has been independently tested and operates on all devices.

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How Does AiresTech Operate?

The company uses nanotechnology to reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation. It interacts with electromagnetic energy at a very small size (for perspective, a sheet of paper is around 100,000 nanometers thick).

Where Can AiresTech Be Used?

AiresTech lowers the impacts of electromagnetic radiation released by any data-transmitting equipment, such as:

  • Cell phones and cordless phones
  • Earphones that operate wirelessly
  • Wireless Headsets
  • Laptops and Computers
  • Monitors and smart televisions
  • Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, and other wireless devices

It can be attached to a keychain and kept at the office, car, or home.

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Products by AiresTech

AiresTech products are classified into four categories. Some physically adhere to a wireless device, blocking radiation from reaching the source. Others are intended for personal protection, and one can carry the device in their pocket to shield themselves from radiation.

Here is a list of all AiresTech devices and how they work:

  1. The Lifetune Device

AiresTech’s primary product is the Lifetune Device. It employs EMR modulation technology to mitigate the impacts of electromagnetic radiation released by data-transmitting electronics.

It is directly attached to the gadget and immediately begins to inhibit the detrimental effects of radiation.

Key features

  • Shields from external damage by a protective surface layer made using resilient transparent resin.
  • 16S5G microprocessor with 1,419,857 circular resonators, with an effective range of 6.5 feet
  • Two resonator antennas with a maximum range that power the chip by harnessing the power of ambient EMR
  • Infrared absorption layer that eliminates the microprocessor’s thermal emission, preventing harm.
  • Single-use self-adhesive layer to keep the device firmly fixed to any smooth surface
  • 5-foot effective range

The resonator antennae suck electromagnetic radiation into the microprocessor when the Lifetune Connection is connected to a wireless device. The microprocessor uses an “attenuator” to depolarize the EMF and its energy level “by creating a holographic cancelling electromagnetic wave.” This wave is said to reverse and cancel the initial energy wave released by the source of the EMF, much like noise canceling headphones do.

Price – $72.95

  1. Pet Lifetune Mini

Lifetune Mini / Pet is an EMR modulation device that is designed to protect users and their pets from the effects of EMR released by surrounding electronic gadgets, as well as “electromagnetic smog.” The device is long-lasting, waterproof, and built to keep up with active humans and pets.

Lifetune Mini / Pet, like all other AiresTech devices, blocks several types of wireless radiation, including:

  • 5G
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE
  • mmW
  • Wi-Fi

It can be linked to a keychain or a pet’s collar to keep the pet safe from EMR .

Key features:

  • Two protective shells constructed of tough, transparent resin shield the device from outside damage
  • 16S5G front and back microprocessors with circular resonators
  • Thermal emission from microprocessors is consumed by an infrared absorption layer
  • Two resonator antennas to power the chip by harnessing the ambient EMR
  • The effective range of AiresTech’s Lifetune Mini / Pet is 13 feet.

Price – $179.99

  1. Personal Lifetune

Lifetune Personal is a device for EMR modulation. It is intended to shield one from the impacts of electromagnetic radiation released by neighboring electrical equipment as well as electromagnetic smog.

Lifetune Personal prevents all of the following types of wireless radiation from entering one’s home:

  • 5G
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE
  • mmW
  • Wi-Fi

This implies that when one wears Lifetune Personal, they are shielded from the harmful impacts of personal communication devices, ordinary electronics, power lines, cellular towers, and electromagnetic pollution.

Lifetune Personal was created primarily to lessen the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the individual wearing it. Using the included pouch, one can wear the device around their neck. It can also be kept in the wallet or pocket.

Lifetune Mini / Pet has a 13-foot range, whereas Lifetune Personal has a 32-foot range. The device also has a better CPU than other AiresTech devices, with a higher efficiency 64p1S5g microprocessor.

Key Features:

  • Aires 64p1S5G microprocessors have 4,161 carved circular resonators in the topological circuit, front and back.
  • Thermal emission from microprocessors is consumed by an infrared absorption layer
  • Front and back range maximizing resonator antennas that power the chip by gathering charge from your environment’s EMR

Price – $249.99

  1. The Lifetune Room

The most potent item in the AiresTech portfolio is Lifetune Room. It shields one from EMR over a whole room. Keep the Lifetune Room in a central area to be protected from the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Key Features:

  • Two Aires 64p1S5G rear-facing microprocessors that mitigate the effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • Thermal emission from microprocessors is consumed by an infrared absorption layer.
  • Front and back range-maximizing resonator antennas absorb charge from the surrounding EMR to power the chip.
  • Effective range of 49 feet
  • Lifetune Room is also very good at targeting 4G and 5G networks. The microprocessor is 3.2x more effective in 4G applications and 10.2x more effective in 5G applications.

Price – $299.95

Popular Packages

  • Device+Room+Personal+Mini – $754.95,
  • Device+Mini – $249.95
  • Device+Room+Personal – $614.95

What Is the Function of the AiresTech Microprocessor?

Other electromagnetic radiation filtering devices are available for purchase online today. What distinguishes AiresTech? Why should one buy these radiation blockers rather than others?

The microprocessor is the essential element that distinguishes AiresTech. AiresTech devices employ two types of microprocessors: 16S5G and 64p16S5G.

Lifetune Device and Lifetune Mini / Pet use the 16S5G microprocessor, while Lifetune Personal and Lifetune Room use the 64p16S5G microprocessor, which is more powerful and effective.

AiresTech employs a “photomasking etching method” to manufacture the microprocessors. Advanced microlithography technology is used in the manufacturing process to etch “nano slits” into the CPU. Each nanoslit has up to 1,185,921 circular resonators with a width of 0.4 microns and a depth of 0.8 microns. To put that size in context, a human hair is approximately 100 microns in width, which implies that each slit on the AiresTech microprocessor is approximately 200 times smaller than the average width of a human hair.

Microprocessors are also distinct in the way they obtain energy. Each microprocessor employs a resonator antenna (or several antennas) to suck the power of the electromagnetic field into the device, charging it and assisting it in operation. In other words, AiresTech claims to have pioneered an advanced form of wireless charging, extracting energy from the air to power an electronic gadget – something that has yet to be seen in a consumer electronic item.

There is also an “attenuator” on the CPU. By generating a “holographic canceling electromagnetic wave,” this attenuator diffracts the EMF and its energy level. The processor within AiresTech products creates a precisely balanced wave to counteract the energy save emitted by EMF sources, just as noise-canceling headphones generate a wave that cancels out sounds.

A printed circuit board and a monocrystalline silicon water chip are used to create each AiresTech product.

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Refund Policy at AiresTech

AiresTech comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If one is dissatisfied with the products’ effects for any reason, they are entitled to a full refund, less original shipping expenses.

The company has two return addresses, one in Edison, New Jersey (for American customers) and one in Ottawa, Ontario (for Canadian customers) (for Canadian customers).

To begin the refund procedure, send an email to

AiresTech Guarantee

AiresTech provides a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The company also provides a 30-day limited warranty from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers physical damage to your AiresTech gadget as well as normal wear and tear.

The Last Word

AiresTech specializes in the development of electromagnetic radiation-blocking gadgets.

Mankind is surrounded by EMR, that is constantly emitted by cell phones, smart TVs, Bluetooth speakers, and laptops. It’s difficult to escape these gadgets. However, gadgets like AiresTech’s Lifetune line claim to neutralize the detrimental effects of this radiation, allowing you to stay healthy.

Furthermore, AiresTech products are supported by solid, peer-reviewed science demonstrating that they block certain EMR.