A complete guide to efficiency gains and sustainable practices for your office

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The future of business is sustainable. When you brainstorm initiatives with a Key Interiors representative, you can discover new ways to get sustainability and efficiency gains throughout your office.

Creating a Sustainable, Efficient Space

Retooling your office to better serve sustainability initiatives doesn’t have to be a challenge. Certain interior changes can reduce your impact on the environment without drastically changing your employees’ day-to-day interactions with your infrastructure. Some of the simplest ways, after all, to improve your space’s sustainable outlook include:

Balance Your Lights

There are two ways to use the lights in your office to your advantage as you transform your space’s sustainability. One way is switching your light bulbs out for LEDs. LED light bulbs require less energy to provide light, meaning that they’ll reduce your carbon footprint as well as your monthly energy bill.

You can also opt to keep your lights low or off during the brightest parts of the day. While you’ll need to compensate for rainy days, relying on natural light to keep your office bright reduces the amount of energy the building uses on a regular basis.

Limit Your Temperature Control

Your HVAC system is an essential part of your office. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, however, you may want to change the way you interact with your office’s temperature control.

While you should continue to heat and cool your office with the changing seasons, consider limiting the drastic nature of these changes. Keep your office within a set series of temperatures一65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, usually一and you’ll notice a positive impact both on your energy bill and on your emissions.

Compost and Recycle

Composting and recycling are two staples of the modern sustainability movement. Despite popular myths, recycling is a straightforward process. Your office will get used to it in no time! Just make sure you have recycling buckets available and that you’ve placed your office on a recycling pick-up schedule.

Composting can be a more complicated task to tackle. To effectively compost waste materials in an office, you need to have a designated space for that waste to go. Given the smell, it’s in your best interest to establish this space out of doors. Once you’ve set aside the proper space, you can educate your staff on what materials are compostable and which ones need to be recycled instead.

Integrating composting habits on top of recycling habits in your office will take time. As you educate your employees, though, they’ll better engage with the initiatives you’ve set down.

Efficiency Gains and Sustainability: The Crossover Benefits

The more sustainable your office is, the more efficient your employees are bound to be. Sustainability efforts tend to increase morale around your office. What’s more, they drive your employees to be more aware of their own impact on the environment.

When you have a facility that encourages this kind of engagement on top of an improved mood一brought courtesy of your additional reliance on natural light一you’re looking at a staff that can more readily meet every client’s needs.

It’s time to transform your office. Learn more about sustainable and efficient initiatives to start the transformation today.