8 practical ways families can save money saving on their routine expenditures


Many of the prudent families do not define happiness based on having money to buy the latest fashionwear or go for lavish trips. But a diminishing bank balance can be stressing for any family.

Fortunately, families can employ various simple yet effective strategies that can help them reduce their monthly expenditures and save money. 

Planning Family Meals

An impromptu trip to McDonald’s for a meal that is under 33 a serving for dinner may seem like a bargain, but that is how many families end up splurging on both their money and calories. It might be a mouth-watering idea, but one that quickly turns into a budget buster.

The best thing to do when it comes to family meals is to plan for them; that way, it is easy to know what’s for dinner and prepare. They should have a schedule that keeps the dishes interesting, hence the need to consider doing a weekly plan at a time. With the timetable ready, gone will be the times when cooking will start with staring at the opened fridge, not knowing what to prepare, thus resorting to fast foods. Families can use free meal planners on their phones or laptops to come up with a suitable food timetable.

Smart Shopping

According to FamilyMoney.co.uk collecting coupons is a fantastic way of saving money when shopping for groceries and household supplies. But there is no need to become a hardcore coupon collector so that you save. You only need to have a smart approach to how you shop, and you will find that you are not overspending at the stores.

For instance, you can restrict the family shopping to once a week or fortnight, where you buy everything you need that duration. Also, make sure that you have a list of the items to buy so that you make sure you do not make return trips because you forgot to purchase something. You will waste your gas and time while also increasing the likelihood of buying something else that was not on the list; hence, you will overspend. Moreover, it is wise to avoid going shopping with the kids. They can be a distraction and will influence you to make spontaneous purchases when they start crying.

Plan Adequately For A Staycation

A trip to somewhere exciting can be rewarding for everyone in the family. But you do not need to go to Disneyland or other distant places for this; you can research to find out what fun things your family can enjoy nearby. The staycation is one way of having a memorable time if you plan for it accordingly in advance.

Research what the neighboring towns and cities have to offer; it can be free museums with interest exhibits, historical sites, hiking trails, or campgrounds. When the wallet seems not to make you smile, then it is fine if you mix some of the yearly vacation plans with something new and fun for the kids. Remember that vacations are about spending time with loved once and making memories together. You do not have to go out of your county or state for that!

Invest In Reusable Items

Disposable products are often cheap and convenient buy. However, they should not take top priority over the essential items that you should buy every time you go shopping. For instance, if the family uses a lot of paper goods, then why not start saving by opting to use reusable products?

For instance, you can buy a pack of £1 washable cloths instead of the disposable paper towels that cost the same. Both might be on sale at a bargain, but you get to save money on the cloths instead of the paper towels. Conversely, you can achieve the same outcome by opting to purchase a water lifter and an aluminum bottle for every member of the family as opposed to getting the plastic water bottles. Make it a habit to ask yourself if there is a reusable alternative to that disposable item you want to buy.

Consider Secondhand Items

Purchasing used goods is not a shameful thing, but may need some getting used to for some families that are used to brand new stuff. However, some items can be bought used, and it will be hard to tell the difference from the fresh products purchased off the shelves.

You can get books local used bookshops rather than buying them from the big box books retail store. And you can do the same when it comes to toys and other things such as scooters, skateboards, and bicycles. Check out the local garage sales and the thrift stores to discover inexpensive items that you can get for the children. You might get surprised by what you find and an incredible price.

Window Shopping First

People often think that this applies to when heading to the grocery store and retail outlets to buy goods. However, it also does apply to the different utility services the home needs. You may be surprised to find out that your satellite TV costs you more than it should because you are using the services of a pricey provider. Therefore, shop around and get several quotes to compare the service providers and see who offers the best package at the most affordable rate.

Families can save a significant amount of money every on their monthly bills when they shop around for their TV, insurance cover, mobile phone plans, and nearly any other service that they pay for regularly.

Entertainment At Home

Small children can drive parents crazy. That is why most parents will be quick to tempt them to go for movies, camping, or bowling so that they have them out of the house. However, such day trips quickly add up to a substantial amount of money.

To avoid these coy solutions to having the kids around the house that only serves to dent the family budget, you should look into how you can keep the children entertained or preoccupied at home. You can purchase board games, come up with a day for movie nights, or other family fun activities that you can do while at home. If you need to go out, then consider visiting the local parks and have the children critic them based on various characteristics. It can be a fun way of identifying the best places that you can go back to later.

Visiting The Library

A trip to the public library is one of the best ways to entertain the children. It is an outing that also doubles up as a fantastic learning opportunity. The kids get to bring home audiobooks, movies, and even books they find interesting. Such things will keep them busy for about a week or so before the next visit. It is a strategy that helps families save a ton of money while trying to keep the little ones entertained.

If you consider how much rental movies cost and the potential penalties for not returning them on time, then a library quickly becomes a suitable alternative. You can get free library cards, a free membership registration, and the late fees for returning what you borrowed are minimal. Therefore, give back items on time, and you save more money.

Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash