5 Ways to Build a Safe Workplace for Employees

With employers having to pay billions for injuries each year, safety in the workplace has continued to be a major topic of discussion.

A safe workplace not only attracts better talents but also helps businesses save money in liabilities. If you’re revamping the workplace and trying to make it more inclusive for your employees, here are five things you need to get right.

1. Cultivate a culture of safety

Rebuilding a company culture in the post-pandemic world is crucial for success. Employees need to be comprehensively trained to follow the updated safety codes and regulations. Each role should have adequate resources to understand the safety guidelines. Using clear codes and symbols throughout the office is a good way to ease employees into the process. On top of that, frequent meetings and activities regarding new safety protocols can help employees align with the core values of the company.

2. Secure the office space with the necessary equipment

A safe workplace should have multiple types of equipment to quickly detect health violations and address the situation. As the employer, you should conduct regular inspections of vents, edges of the stairs, smoke detection sensors, and car parking facilities. Companies like Alphasense offer state-of-the-art oxygen, CO2, toxic, and flammable gas sensors to industrial businesses and help them secure high-risk premises. Keeping the workplace clean and hygienic is also a good way to prevent accidents.

3. Have a clear and well-defined exit strategy

Having a clear exit strategy is of paramount importance in a safe workplace. You need to familiarise your employees with all the emergency exit points and train them on how to react if an accident occurs. The exits should also be labelled clearly for easy navigation. On top of that, a well-defined map of resources such as water source and fire extinguisher should help employees breathe easy in the time of crisis.

4. Encourage health breaks

A safe workplace is a healthy workplace. Unfortunately, it’s not rare to see employees succumbing to the pressure at work. Managers and bosses should maintain a clear communication channel and encourage employees to take breaks whenever they’re needed. Going for a walk, stretching the legs, and having a laugh boost employee morale, which translates into increased productivity. It’s also important to promote healthy eating habits and vacations to get into the right mindset for the work that follows.

5. Be open to feedback

At the end of the day, a safe workplace should make the employees feel safe. As someone in the executive position, you should be open to dialogue. When you encourage employees to come forward and share their thoughts and feedback on how the safety guidelines are impacting them, you’ll be able to find out what’s working for the team and what needs to be modified for a better result.

Businesses in recent times have focused on improving the health and safety standards in their workplace. While having quality equipment to maintain health standards continues to be the main focus, helping employees to feel included in the process should provide you with more insights on safety.