5 mistakes that every YouTuber should avoid


Being a YouTuber has become one of the most popular career choices in the past several years. It’s because Youtube can be a very effective way to engage with as many people as possible and promote your ideas or brands through it.

It’s a fun way to make new friends and become famous while doing it. Becoming a successful content creator is a challenging experience, while there are easier ways of gaining more supporters in a short period using platforms like youtubestorm you have to be aware of things that you should avoid doing.

Benefits of being a YouTuber

The impact a successful Youtube channel has on a business or a creator’s personal life can no longer be questioned. While using this huge platform you can:

  • Learn some new skills – video editing, communication, how to speak in front of a camera
  • Earn money and make a living while enjoying the process
  • Advertise your brand, products, services or create original merchandise
  • Capture memories you can look back on in the future
  • Express your creativity and new ideas
  • Create a community, raise awareness towards important issues and make a change

These are some of the biggest advantages of Youtube, which you can achieve through hard work and dedication. However, as more people use Youtube as their career paths more methods get mixed up and lead to mistakes. Here are several mistakes you must avoid and consider so you continue to grow on Youtube.

Being inconsistent

To increase the attention and interest around your channel you should post new videos as often as possible. If you don’t follow this rule there’s a possibility that your audience will think that you don’t take them or this job seriously and stop watching your videos.  If you upload on a certain period every single time your viewers will know when to tune in and what to expect from you. It’s important to know what your audience wants and what kind of videos they want to see. Always listen to constructive criticism but don’t let hate and negative comments get to you.

Having low-quality video, audio and lighting

As stated by cosmopolitan a recent study shows that more kids want to become YouTubers than astronauts. But not many of them know that the right type of equipment is needed to produce quality content that attracts many viewers. Videos that are filmed in dark rooms have bad audio and don’t show an effort a person has put in it is destined to fail. Remember that daylight is your best friend. Buying new and modern technologies might be hard and challenging but collect your money and fixate your mind on improving your equipment, which will improve your content quality and success rate.

Spamming other Youtube channels

Newbie YouTubers can be quite impatient sometimes. Naturally, they want to grow their following as fast as possible and start having an income. They start spamming other creators’ comment sections with links to their channels and ask people to follow them. They don’t realize that this kind of behavior is rude towards the person they are spamming and doesn’t do them any good. No one clicks on these links.

A better way to get people’s attention and avoid this mistake is by writing some constructive criticism for other channels or respectfully review their content. Promote yourself nicely and spread useful and important information.

Having low energy

It’s quite obvious but people aren’t interested in watching someone who is boring and doesn’t put his/her heart into the videos. Filming videos should be an enjoyable process and not mandatory. Working as a YouTuber and interacting with your subscribers should be a process that brings you excitement and happiness. Don’t force yourself to be positive and smiley all the time, it might seem fake and make people drift away but show your true self. Find the niche you are the most passionate about and interested in, once you start enjoying your job people will notice your hard work and start engaging with you more.

Confusing video titles and click baits

One of the most important aspects you need to work on is creating interesting and original video titles, especially if you’re just starting to build your audience. Make sure to not copy other famous influencers’ titles and video ideas while creating your own, people will always notice and criticize you for it. Click baits are another criteria you must avoid at all costs.

It’s when you put a title that doesn’t match the true contents of the video. People feel lied to and won’t engage with you anymore. On the report of hatchbuck, click baits will disappoint your viewers and will attract the wrong visitors to your channel. To avoid this mistake think of original but real titles that you would want to click on as a viewer as well.