5 Factors for Selecting The Best Voice Artist For Your Project

Videos are one of the most engaging and visually appealing ways of marketing. Nowadays, businesses increasingly invest in producing high-quality video content that best resonates with their products and services.

However, it is vital for the content to be relevant to the native audience for a successful strategy. That is when the need for professional voice-over artists arises, who can lend their voice for videos and audio.

Finding the best talent has become relatively easy. You can find the best voice over online without any hassle. The voice you choose for your videos becomes the voice of your brand. But how to find the best one? Before selecting the best voice-over talent for your project, here are five factors to remember.

1. Know your target audience

Knowing your audience is an essential step for a successful marketing campaign. Every business should have insights into its target audience because it lets them know what their audience likes and dislikes and what kind of content is relatable to them. Knowing the target audience helps you determine the type of voice you need for your marketing campaign.

The target audience for baby care products like diapers is parents of a newborn, especially new mothers. That is why they use a soft, caring female voice that goes well with the visuals of a mother soothing her baby. The pitch is unusually lower than many other brands’ advertisements (almost close to whispering), as if it can wake up the peacefully sleeping baby. In addition, the background music is softer and calming, like a lullaby that makes the baby sleep. So for a diaper company, these types of detailing in the sound and voice quality are crucial for making the ad campaign highly engaging and relevant to the audience.

2. What is your brand voice?

Many companies do not know that their brand has a voice. Besides the visual branding aspects like logo, color schemes, and other graphic elements, brand voice is audible and heard through your different ad campaigns. The type of products or services you sell determines your brand voice.

Likewise, a company that sells kids’ clothing uses more kid-friendly jingles and sounds for its marketing content. The same can be said for men’s perfume ads, where they use a more masculine voice to appeal to their male audience. Therefore, the kind of voice you choose for your content determines your brand voice. That is why it is essential to know your brand voice before hiring a voice artist for your marketing campaign.

3. Which emotions do you want to convey through your content?

An ad campaign has a brand voice that is different from others. Knowing what emotions you want to convey through your content determines its effectiveness. You would be surprised to know how big of a difference a voice can make in conveying your message. For example, an older person’s voice for a lingerie brand is quite inappropriate.

The wrong voice selection would fail to convey the message. Notice how financial institutes like banks use a voice that gives trust and how a condom brand uses a more seductive voice? Thus, the voice you choose for your campaigns has a significant impact on your message.

4. Hire a voice talent company

Finding the perfect voice-over artist that has worked with similar brands like yours is like finding a needle in the stack of hay. It would be tough to find a voice artist all by yourself. It would be best to record the voice-over, which is very intricate. Therefore, it would be an excellent decision to hire an expert voice-over company for your brand campaigns and simplify the process for yourself.

Voice-over companies usually have a wide range of voice artists that possess different skill sets. When looking for voice over online, make sure you choose a company that has worked on similar projects like your brand. It will help you find the right voice artist to resonate with your marketing message and campaign requirements.

5. Check the demos

Though the voice-overs are edited and made perfect with time, it is still a good idea to ask for the demos of the voice artist you choose. Demos will give you an idea about how the artist sounds and whether they would be the right fit for your campaign or not.

Voice-over can be an overwhelming process, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Make sure you hire a professional company that is experienced in this field and can assist you in getting your desired outcomes and make your investment worthwhile.