4 reasons to use a proxy server


A proxy which is usually termed as a proxy server or application-level gateway helps as a gateway between two networks.

For example between a large-scale network and a local network.

Therefore, using a proxy come with many useful benefits between your computer and the Internet. These proxies are categorized into three groups and you can choose one that suits your needs.

Here are the 3 different types of proxies:

Forward proxy: It is the standard proxy category and acts as an intermediary between your computer and network.

Reverse: This type of proxy acts as an intermediary between a small group with servers and the web. For example, it can act between a corporate LAN network and the internet.

Open: These types of proxies are also referred to as public proxies. They are the type that anyone can access when online and are offered freely.

Here are 4 reasons to choose a proxy server:

Accessing Geo-blocked and Restricted Content

Most online content will be hidden and inaccessible because of geo-restrictions. That results because of copyright regulations behind the content.

Since https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/uk-england-proxy.html provides proxy servers, you can hide your IP address and websites won’t stop you from getting blocked information and content geographical at your location. For example, you can access TV channels when outside the UK.

Besides, proxies help you bypass network restrictions at school and work.

Hiding IP Address

Proxies will help you hide your IP address. That is another great advantage to use proxies. Therefore, all the websites you will visit, they won’t log into your real IP address but will log into the proxy server’s address. By that, it means you remain anonymous when online.

Remember – your real IP address will tell someone more about yourself. Some of the information an individual can get about include your country, city, and more. That is why cyber crimes are able to go the extra mile to get more of your details such as zip code, your, and street you live.

But how can a hacker get your IP address? That is easy because of the data breach on the websites you visit.

Filtering out Malicious Websites

If you have a handy proxy server, you can block those sites with dangerous content.

For the first time, it sounds counterintuitive but try and consider this: when an admin knows that some websites have phishing links or malware, he/she can prevent anyone from accessing such sites unknowingly or accidentally.

However, by chance when you get on any malicious site, the malware it contains might infect your proxy and not your devices. Although, it is not something guaranteed.

Increase Loading Speed

Proxy servers help to cache data. After you have accessed some web pages, proxy helps to store them for later use. If you request a cached page and you’re using a proxy, it will display faster.

However, that can only happen when the proxy server you use contains the web page request. If it does not have the pages, it has to request from the internet and that might lower load speed.