4 in 1 Hub Motor: Making Bikes an Effective Mode of Transport

Electric, electroics, battery and hub are all integrated. In Q4, a pedal assist bike wheel makes its debut.

The world of technology is constantly evolving and it is time for bicycle owners to get a bit of that change. Using a bike regularly can lead to a healthier lifestyle and it’s a great way to keep the environment healthy. Let’s check that why E-rim electric wheel should be considered one of the leading e-mobility tech companies on the market.

What does the E-rim do?

One of the biggest selling points of transforming your bicycle into a pedelec ebike. With the electric bike wheel the revolutionary smart A.I. tech used by E-rim wheel will make your journey more stable than it usually would be. To get your bike fun back.

Herman, the founder of E-rim and a 20-year cycling veteran, explained: “We decided to make this design from the start.” For 18 months, I rode my bicycle 15 km from my house to work. We have extensive experience with daily transportation demands. This was also confirmed by target user interviews conducted in other countries.

Nobody wants to use the app to set up any functions in the use of bicycle transportation, let alone control it with the handle. Remember that the bicycle’s handlebars already have shifters and brakes. It is not at all like the surplus situation of driving. Bicycles must always be aware of the road conditions, maintain balance, pedal with both feet, and control the direction with the hands. Any extra activities are completely improper.Aside from the obvious safety considerations, the E-rim electric assist wheel is also simple to use for people of all ages.

This is something the E-rim team is adamant about, and it is also the essence of the E-rim smart wheel.

Power assist as you pedal. Assist auto-off while downhill.

3 hours charging for 45+ km distance.

In addition to a number of patents, the E-rim electric  wheel has also been certified by EN15194:2017. Also through the IAPS Taiwan National Chiao Tung University Industry Accelerator, a number of cooperation agreements have been reached by matchmaking.

This also demonstrates the design concept of E-rim as well as the product’s high worth. Simply connect and play. It’s similar to the idea of an instimatic camera. It is appropriate for cycling scenario.

We intend to use unique algorithms and sensors in the design of more products in the future.

Taiwan’s complete industrial chain and solid IT technology background are the primary driving forces behind it. Looking forward to the E-rim smart bicycle wheel set making its global debut in the future era of electric transportation.”

Why E-rim Wheel over E-Bike Products?

You might be questioning whether it would be better to use the E-rim instead of an E-Bike .

However, E-rim easily beats out competitors. First of all, the E-rim is a human based design. And an e-bike is motor-oriented. You already understand that bikes are environmentally friendly but, manufacturing an E-rim wheel set is only going to leave 40kg carbon emission in comparison to the massive 500kg most completed E-Bike products leave. This will lower the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind. E-rim wheels are much more eco-friendly than normal E-Bikes. Don’t forget to make the most of your old bicycles. Otherwise, discarding them will also exacerbate environmental issues.


There are a lot of positives to using an e-mobility and some will likely prefer it over using a normal bike. E-rims make it more accessible for people who maybe didn’t consider it as an effective mode of transport.  It will launch firstly in Germany and Japan in Q4 this year. The street pricing is expected to be around USD$800-1,200 for a wheelset. Depending on local bicycle store add-ons or individual distributors. For instance, the settings of different tire grades, rim materials ,spokes, quick release, etc.

You’ll travel further, faster and you’ll be helping towards healing the world. We cannot recommend the product enough, bikes are a great form of exercise and it’s time for the modern world of technology to evolve the way we use them.