4 Ideas to support your income whilst working from home

working from home

More employees are currently working from home than any previous time in history. Businesses have changed the way they work over the past 12 months and many will continue to allow their staff to use their home as their own personal office for years to come.

The number of sick days has decreased whilst staff morale is on the rise as a result, whilst productivity appears not to have dropped either.

Many of us have had to change our setup at home to include an office desk of sorts as a workstation and cut out the distractions to make sure we can continue to commit to work as if we were still working in the company office.

This comfortable setup at home also allows us to study and work on our dreams in the mornings and/or evenings; things we weren’t previously in a great position to do so, particularly before and after the commutes to and from work.

Many people have used this as an opportunity to increase their income outside of the 9-5. If you’re wanting to do similar here are some ideas to get you started:

1.    Matched Betting

One way to make a quick second income is to get into matched betting. This is a betting technique to profit from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered to be risk-free, provided you work out the maths correctly.

Essentially you are using free bets to cover all potential outcomes of a sporting event, such as Player A and Player B to win a tennis match.

For those interested, visit Betminded for betting offers to get started.

2.    Copywriting

Companies and freelancers alike up and down the country and across the world are always looking for writers for their client or content. Whilst there is a lot of competition out there, there are numerous websites to sign up to and offer your services.

If you’re just getting started then it would be an idea to stick to a niche, perhaps an area where you work or simply a passion. Show examples of your work to attract clients.

3.    Print on Demand Online Store

Ecommerce remains huge and has given lots of people the opportunity to make an income on the side of their full-time job.

Print on demand continues to grow year on year, allowing your custom graphics on items such as clothing, household items, phone cases, handbags and more. There really is no limit as long as you have a creative mind. Sign up with Amazon today to get started.

4.    Stock Investing

By now we’ve all heard about Bitcoin. And for many of us we’re still kicking ourselves for not investing in it a decade or so ago.

Bitcoin should be an incentive for us to start investing in stocks today, because three, four, five years now they could be worth more than our annual salary. Bitcoin has already laid out the map.