4 Common Activities that can be Hard on the Body

Everyone needs a hobby or two so they don’t go crazy from working and everyday life; we all need something fun or exciting to spice life up a bit.

Whether it’s a physical, mental, or just a straight-up fun hobby, there are some that can damage our bodies more than others. Skydiving, rock climbing, and cave spelunking are obvious examples, but there are more common activities out there. Let’s look at 4 overlooked activities that can potentially hurt ourselves in the long run.


As beneficial as proper weightlifting can be, there are some exercises that can damage your body if performed incorrectly or too frequently. Squatting, deadlifting, and other explosive, heavy-weight exercises can lead to back, knee, and neck problems. Always think about the proper form for each exercise. Also, don’t overwork yourself, especially if you’re injured or sore from any previous exercise. If you’ve suffered a serious knee injury, contact the medical experts at ThriveMD for possible solutions.

Tennis and Golf

There’s a reason “tennis elbow” is a medical term. During a typical game of tennis or golf, a person can swing their equipment hundreds of times coupled with quick bursts of power. If a player’s technique isn’t right, these continuous actions can damage your wrists, back, and arms. Always remember to warm up and stretch your muscles before playing either game. If possible, use lighter equipment and find the best grip possible for yourself.


Although not a physical activity, continual drinking can have some harsh effects on your body. It may be fun to hang with friends and have a few drinks once in a while, but drinking consistently can lead to many problems and diseases: liver disease, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and various cancers. Try to cut down alcohol consumption to 3-5 drinks per week. Quitting any habit can be difficult. Be sure to reach out to your doctor or local support groups if cutting back on alcohol consumption is still a challenge.


Lastly, an activity that you wouldn’t expect to have any downsides, extended driving can cause some negative effects on the body. Whether it’s a vacation, road trip, or just for work, long periods of inactivity can harm your physical health. Stiffness, sore muscles, spinal problems, and even blood clots can be a result from many hours of driving. If possible, try to get out of your vehicle and stretch every few hours. Make sure your seat and incline are good for your posture and keep your knees from bad positions.

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