4 branding tips for new businesses

Brand Identity

In one sense, your business is your brand. Indeed, when it comes to winning customer support, perception is reality.

This means that all companies –– big and small, established and new –– need to have a coherent brand strategy in place. Unsurprisingly, developing a positive brand identity is easier said than done. And with that in mind, today we’re going to share four branding tips for new businesses. Check them out here:

Names Matter

What’s in a name? Well, for businesses, quite a lot actually. What you choose to call your company, your products, and your services can have a big effect on how consumers think about them. After all, there’s a reason why car companies name their sport vehicles after ferocious animals like jaguars, mustangs, and vipers. The first step to selecting a good company name is to make sure you’re not opening yourself up to ridicule –– this includes company acronyms as well. (Check out this list of horrible company names to get an idea of what we’re talking about.)

Beyond that, selecting a good name is often down to finding terms or phrases that apply to your business and your industry at large. You may even want to consider purchasing a domain name to improve your online visibility for branded searches.

Reflect Customer Values

Plain and simple, no business should undertake any major initiative without first reaching out to its customer base. At the end of the day, the most successful brands reflect customer values. Understanding customer behavior –– what they value and what they don’t –– will enable you to create a brand identity that speaks directly to them.


No business should ever strive to be the “best kept secret” in their field. If customers are having a hard time finding you, then you’re not doing enough to stand out from the competition. Whether your business manufactures jersey barriers or you offer digital marketing services, it’s essential to generate unique and captivating messages, logos, and content. Otherwise, you’ll always be overshadowed by your competition.

Stick With It

Consider the Coca Cola logo. Or the Nike “swoosh.” Or any other iconic branded image. These images are so striking in part because they haven’t changed in decades. Though it can be tempting to rebrand and alter your logos and messages significantly if you don’t get immediate results, resist this temptation. It takes time to build a brand that consumers trust, and starting over every few months isn’t going to help in that regard. Remember, a little consistency can go a long way!