3 Reasons why renting IT could be better than buying it


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are forced to work from home partially or entirely.

Consequently, demand for rented IT equipment grew strongly. After all, renting IT is an ideal temporary solution to provide your employees with the right tools and equipment. Renting IT is way cheaper than buying new IT and you can often cancel the rental contract at any time. But there are many other reasons for renting IT instead of buying it. In this article, we give you 3 reasons why renting IT could be a better option than buying IT.

Working from Home

Do you normally work with fixed computers? Then it may be a good idea to rent a laptop for those employees that work from home. Renting IT has many advantages. Renting is always on a temporary basis, so when your employees are allowed to work at the office again, you can simply cancel the rental contract. In addition, renting IT is a cost effective option. Renting laptops is simply cheaper than buying new ones. And no worries about the laptop’s settings. Rental companies can easily install the needed equipment and ensure that all the settings are as they need to be. This way, your employees can start working right away!

Fairs and Exhibitions

Is your company often present at fairs and/or exhibitions? Then you might need particular IT equipment such as tablets. Because you often only use IT equipment for fairs and exhibitions on a temporary basis, it might be a good idea to use rented IT. For example, you can rent an iPad that visitors can use to subscribe to your service, look for product information or order products. You can also rent VR glasses if you want to give visitors a virtual tour, for example, through their future house. You often don’t need VR glasses on a regular basis, therefore it is easier and cheaper to rent it.

Temporary employment

Does your company often make use of temporary staff? For example, during events or large projects? Then it might be more cost effective to rent IT. Also temporary workers need their own equipment in order to work efficiently. However, for the purchase of extra equipment is often no money reserved. And buying new equipment can be very expensive… In addition, as the name suggests, temporary employment is only ‘temporary’. Therefore, it’s not cost effective to buy new equipment that may not be used anymore after the job is done.

As you can see, renting IT is not as bad as it seems. On the contrary, renting IT is in many cases an efficient, cost-effective and ‘green’ solution!