100% Capri’s Expansion The Precursor To The Expansion Of The Luxury Linen Market

Undoubtedly, the biggest new trend sweeping the luxury fashion world is linen.

What was once reserved exclusively for tropical resort modalities, is  now a new staple of contemporary, quotidian elegance in modern culture.

Spearheading the luxury linen movement is Italian designer Antonino Aiello whose 22 year old label-  100% Capri  – is widely recognized for setting the archetype of luxury-linen.

The brand’s sophisticated and ultra clean linen styles- buttressed by a celebrity consumer base- and synonymous recognition with the world’s most elite seaside markets, has removed the barrier of entry- not just for itself but for the luxury linen modality- into mainstream, continental fashion markets.

Now – as 100% Capri’s popularity spreads from its initial seaside resort bases such as Capri and Portofino into large continental markets like Miami and Dubai, the brand is having a tangible impact on fashion sensibility, affecting daily wear trends amongst the affluent, and setting off a rat race amongst other luxury brands such as Gucci and Chanel to design their own linen collections in order to meet demand.

Still however, no competitor has yet to overtake 100% Capri in linen fashion, and as the brand continues its expansion into Asia, the linen market is expected to expand prodigiously.

For clear lines of sight into the distinctive styles that are driving the popularity of luxury linen fashion, check out www.100capri.com