10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Biotech Updates

Biotech is gaining momentum, and potential investors could be wondering where to get more reliable information about the sector.

When searching for information on such a crucial sector of life and the economy, you should ensure your source is trustworthy.

To keep yourself updated, consider following Twitter accounts that offer helpful Biotech updates. Thankfully, we’ve prepared a well-researched list of authentic Twitter accounts you should follow for Biotech updates. Keep reading to find more details.

Authentic Twitter Accounts to Follow for Biotech Updates

You can follow several Twitter accounts for Biotech news, including those of top sports figures like Eugene Melnyk. He practices Biotech in extension to his great managerial roles in NHL’s Ottawa Senators. Below are the other outstanding figures to follow.

1.    Andy Biotech – @andybiotech

If you desire to be a Biotech investor sometime in the future, then Andy is the person to follow. As an investor and recovering scientist, Andy has made great strides in keeping the masses informed about relevant matters in the Biotech field.

He has a detailed grasp of the industry and understands the operations of its key players. You can access content on underreported news, data readouts, and relevant documents to following through the site.

2.    Adam Feuerstein – @adamfeuerstein

Adam is well known as a senior columnist at TheStreet.com and one of the most notable biotech voices on Twitter. Following him on Twitter means receiving news about anything unfolding in the biotech world.

He tweets about his articles, breaking news, reports, and other outstanding facts about biotech companies. Whenever you have questions, he is always there to answer them as promptly as possible.

He also puts his facts straight and never drags his feet to point out suspicious activities in any biotech company. He will punch them right on the nose for the benefit of everyone.

3.    Dan Sfera – @TheRealDanSfera

Specializing in clinical research, Dan runs The Clinical Trials Guru website, where he discusses clinical trials. Additionally, he has a DSCS Sweat Equity and Investments LLC company, which funds his clinical research companies’ investments.

Given that he has vlogs on YouTube, he uses his Twitter account to promote these vlogs. In his blogs, he covers topics on confrontational CRA and professional development opportunities for PIs.

4.    Jessica Adams – @fdaadcomm

The FDA and Biotechnology will always clash or cross paths now and again. The desire to know what the FDA thinks or plans regarding biotech innovations affecting food is always a real concern. Jessica Adams helps you get all the information you need about the FDA about biotechnology through her tweets.

She takes you through the murky waters of regulatory policies, a venture most influencers fear most. She tracks the activities of the FDA’s scientific advisory committees and shares with her eager followers. She also does this as part of t=her duties as a consultant for Tarius, a regulatory research company.

5.    Jonathan Eisen – @phylogenomics

How about following a professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology for updates on matters concerning biotechnology? Jonathan Eisen is tasking himself to keep you informed on everything about genomics and STEM dynamics.

His experience mostly comes from his position at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of California. You can always catch up on what he is reading and some touch of humour once in a while to keep you pleased.

6.    Maxim Jacobs – @maxjacobsedison

Maxim Jacobs heads the health research at Edison and specializes in mining information from financial files and asking pertinent questions. His tweets are highly relevant if you look at Biotech as a business, which it is.

He bridges the gap between unmet needs in biotechnology research and future innovations. He brings to you what scientists and drug developers are pulling from both ends of the research string.

7.    Mike Thompson – @mtmdphd

Mike Thompson is an active member of the ASCO board and uses his position as a board member to share updates from the organization. At the Department of Medicine at the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine, he is the Clinical Adjunct Assistant professor. That explains his interest and understanding of biotechnological ventures.

Additionally, he works as a medical director for the Early Phase Cancer Program and Patient-Centered Research at Aura Health Care. He runs interesting tweets on polls concerning Biotech trends.

8.    Bruce Booth – @lifescivc

Describing himself as an elementary stage biotech VC and recovering scientist, Bruce Booth is a life science venture capitalist to watch and follow. He enlightens those who intend to invest in the biotech field. The common tweets you will most likely find here include topics like “Behaviors of First-Time Biotech CEOs.”

He also advises on the direction the VC funding is heading in the future. If you are an inspiration quotes enthusiast, then you will enjoy your time at Bruce’s wall. He posts such in the form of Metallica quotes.

9.    Brad Loncar – @bradloncar

Brad Loncar specializes in biotech investment, entrepreneurship, and the creation of Nasdaq-listed exchange-traded funds. He stands out firm when bringing skeptical and opinionated information on the on-goings of the Biotechnology industry.

His experience in Biotech goes beyond sharing tweets to keep you informed. He has a cancer immunotherapy index that helps him track the performance of the 30 large-cap Biotech stocks.

10. Michael Fisch – @fischmd

Michael is the director of medical oncology at AIM Specialty Health. He is also a clinical specialist in the Department of General Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

You can follow him if interested in specialized knowledge in areas of patients advocacy. He tweets about the cost of care, palliative care, and the challenges cancer patients encounter when enrolling for clinical trials.

Final Word

All the above Twitter accounts are authentic and reliable social platforms to gain insight into Biotech matters. Most of the account owners are specialists in medicine and biotechnology, and with their additional research, you can trust their info. As you have fun on Twitter, you can always get some beneficial tips on Biotech.