10 daily routines that will make you become your best self

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The blueprint to a better you is within you. There is a potential for greatness within each of us, but situations and other things often get in the way.

One of the greatest challenges of personal and professional fulfillment is lack of faith. Most of us simply don’t believe we have what it takes. There are obviously other reasons we do not achieve our full potential.  

So, how do you become the best you possible?

1. Stay Motivated

Someone once said, motivation doesn’t last, but so does bathing, that is why we need it every day. So, the can-do attitude you have today will not always be there when you get up tomorrow. But the thing is: you need this motivation to achieve your dreams.

So, even when energy is low and there is a little inspiration to keep pushing forward, don’t let yourself run out of motivation. There are a couple of ways to ensure this happens, such as writing down any inspiring ideas so that you can revisit them when feeling down to get a motivational boost.

2. Take Care of Yourself and Kick the Bad Habits

While chasing grand dreams, it is easy to forget your needs. So, make sure that you take time to have a healthy meal and get enough sleep even as you work hard to achieve your dreams. Also, do some workouts and stretch a bit whenever you get the chance. Exercise is especially good as it makes your body release feel good hormones, otherwise called endorphins. Your mental health is also important, which is why you should try something like meditation to retain the best mental state.


Similarly, you should avoid some unhealthy habits, such as smoking. For instance, being a smoker will negatively affect your life insurance rates. Speaking of which, here is a good list of the best term life insurance companies from SimpleLifeInsure.com.

3. Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

The main reason people fail to achieve their dreams is not that they never make an attempt to chase them. The problem is that most of them lack the persistence necessary to make these dreams a reality. If you have always had a longing to get into business, don’t give up even if you meet with one challenge or another.

Still, there are those who haven’t figured out what their purpose in life is. If you are among them, you should explore the various opportunities that attract your general interest and realize where your true purpose in life lies.

4. Try Doing Something New

You cannot become different if you keep doing the same things you have been doing all your life, some things have to change. One of the ways to achieve this is to make sure that you avoid doing the things you have always done and make an effort to try new things.

For instance, if your idea of fun has been swimming at the beach, you could try skylining. And if your hobby has been photography, you could try to explore what watching movies is really like. The important thing is to push the envelope and leave your comfort zone, because it has not gotten you where you want to be after all. So, go out and explore strange and new talents, you might discover the key to a life you have always dreamed about among them.

5. Learn to Take Responsibility

If you want to achieve big dreams, blame game cannot be your defining characteristic. You have to learn to take responsibility for things that happen in your life. If you are not responsible for what is happening, it suggests and even means you have no power over what happened. And if important things in your life are beyond your control, you cannot expect to get very far.

So, learn to take responsibility for the things you do and for who you are, it is the only sure way to greatness. When you are wrong, admit it and seek forgiveness. That is the only way you can move on and focus on what is important.

6. Respect All

You should always be respectful of others. Remember that the way you treat others is not a reflection of who they are, but who you are. Therefore, when you disrespect others, you show yourself unworthy of respect. And when you show others respect, you come off as someone worthy of respect. In other words, the respect you show towards others is the respect you get as a person.

7. Be Helpful

Lending a helping hand is one of the most important steps towards becoming a better person. So, help out a friend whenever you can. Helping others also helps you feel better about yourself and your purpose in life. Besides, a lot of people discovered their true calling in life when they were helping others.

8. Work on Your Good Habits

Even though you are not where you would like to be, there are some great things about you. With a little improvement in these areas, your envied destiny might be within grasp. While at it, make sure you work on adding more good habits to your behavior patterns. It is also important that you work on eliminating the bad habits that are dragging you behind and making you slack off in your journey towards your goal.

9. See Yourself in The Best Light

The reason some people never get far in life is that they are their own worst critics. If you are too hard on yourself, you will constantly be getting in the way of your own success. So, avoid criticizing yourselfor feeling down for the littlest of mistakes. That will only hamper your personal growth.

10. Set Goals

Let’s be honest. Unless you know where you are headed, chances are that you will never get there, particularly when you are shooting for greatness. So, make sure you have clear goals, telling you what you are looking to achieve, so that you can gradually work your way towards these goals.

 Most people know that they can do better than they currently are. A lot of people are destined for greatness, but never truly achieve it. And it’s all because they never take the time to discover their true calling or pursue it with the attention and focus it requires. But above are ways to become a better you and achieve your dreams. Try them out.