Windows 7 and Microsoft Office is coming to iPads

Beginning on Thursday, US iPad users will be able to download an app from the iTunes App Store to use the free service. Users can sign up early, starting on Tuesday.
The free service provides 2GB of storage. After an initial testing phase, OnLive will offer a $9.99 (£6.45)-per month OnLive Desktop Pro version with 50GB of storage and access to additional software, including programs that customers can download themselves to OnLive’s servers.
The company will also launch an enterprise version, to which IT professionals will be able to add additional software and allocate employee access privileges.
OnLive is taking advantage of some of the features built into Windows 7 for tablets (yes, Microsoft has supported Windows tablets for years) to give users an iPad-like experience, even though they’re using the iPad as a terminal to run Windows.
Features include pinch and zoom, drag and drop, and the ability to draw or write on the screen with a finger or a stylus. The version of Office available for streaming includes handwriting recognition.