The future of business is flexible

Here Michael Davies, of London Offices takes a look at why flexible working space solves many office worries and why it helps keep costs down.

A serious gripe of modern business is paying for dead office space which is never used, being tied to a long term lease you’re unable to get out of which then ultimately affects your bottom line.

Or for businesses which are experiencing growth, having to move out of existing premises and commit to something much larger which you may or may not need in 12 months time.

Choosing to look at serviced office space instead of opting for permanent accommodation is high on the list for many new businesses and those that have had to cut back over the last five years.

Not only do you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your business to suit your needs, you can also be flexible about where your employees are based to make sure you achieve their maximum potential.

Here are the reasons why this flexible approach works:

Cost-effective work space and location: Flexible office space means companies and individuals are able to rent out just the space they need at monthly rates and choose an office with the most convenient location for clients.

New technology has made flexible working easy: Quick and secure internet connections mean you can work remotely and keep in touch with the office. That may be team members working from home or in satellite offices across the UK or global.

Excellent opportunities to make business contacts: Serviced office space allows different businesses to mingle together under one roof. Small businesses and freelance workers benefit from excellent networking opportunities and conference room facilities to host clients.

A good working environment: Serviced office space offers business a safe, well looked after office environment which is conducive to work. If the office environment looks good and the general atmosphere is good, then staff will be more motivated and committed to doing business.

Locations available across the country: Having locations across the country means one team could be based in London, another in Leeds and a third in Bristol. This means you can recruit based on ability to do the job rather than on location.