Rishi Sunak reshuffle’s cabinet with Cleverly replacing Braverman & David Cameron in as foreign secretary

David Cameron has suggested that the government cut taxes instead of raising them and warned that there will be a “huge squeeze” on living standards.

Rishi Sunak has appointed former prime minister David Cameron as foreign secretary as he embarks on a reshuffle of his top team following the sacking of Suella Braverman as home secretary.

James Cleverly, the former foreign secretary, replaces Braverman with Cameron coming back to government to take the vacant role at the foreign office.

Conservative MPs had blamed Braverman for inciting violence in a Times article she wrote last week criticising the police.

David Cameron is the first former prime minister to return to the cabinet in 60 years after being appointed foreign secretary today.

Alec Douglas-Home returned also returned as foreign secretary under Ted Heath, holding the job for a second time after an unhappy stint as prime minister between 1963-64.

Previously both Neville Chamberlain and Ramsay MacDonald served in Churchill’s war cabinet. Arthur Balfour also became foreign secretary during the first world war, where his 1917 Balfour declaration promising “a national home for the Jewish people” was instrumental in the foundation of the modern state of Israel.