Decision day is nearly upon us

Bigot. What does it mean? Brown Is Gone On Thursday. Who will fill the void? David Cameron and The Conservatives, or a messy hung parliament? It’s going to be close but a few days are left for you to contemplate what lies ahead and the choice you have to make come election day.

The day Clegg turned am dram

As Greece demonstrates what happens when a nation’s finances deteriorate, watching our Leaders Debate last night you would not know that we have a national debt of nearly a trillion pounds. Apparently tax credits and benefits are more important. Be under no illusion. After the next election massive cuts are on the way. The real debate is whether we can get what we want for less. And who is best to make those cuts.

Two down & one to go

The Clegg bubble has burst. Politics is back to business as usual.

Gordon Brown started off badly and got worse. The man is in denial. He looked tired, lacked conviction and was forced into an embarrassing position over the content of his party’s election leaflets. Coupled with that smile: Jack Nicholson, playing The Joker!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile gives us a great chance to think again about content delivery and usability. Try using something like the Rightmove iPhone app and compare that to trying to use a web browser on any mobile device. There’s no comparison. The app is in a different league in terms of usability. This is what mobile internet is all about. It’s so simple your dear old Gran could use it – and that’s the holly grail of usability.