Boris Johnson vows to end corruption

The capital’s new Mayor set up a “forensic audit group” of leading business people and public figures that he said would end mismanagement and deliver better value for money for taxpayers.

The panel will be led by former Sunday Telegraph Editor Patience Wheatcroft who is currently a Non Executive Director of Barclays PLC and Shaftesbury PLC.

The group will look into claims of financial mismanagement and lack of control at the London Development Agency and the Greater London Authority.

Reduce your carbon emissions

SMEs responsible for 110 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year

AXA launches carbon calculator to help SMEs reduce emissions.

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) generate approximately 110 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year, according to new calculations published today by AXA. In an effort to help small businesses reduce their environmental impact AXA, one of the UK’s leading insurers of SMEs, today launched a carbon footprint calculator available free at Created specifically for SMEs it provides a self-assessment tool to enable them to assess and reduce their environmental impact.

UK franchise excellence rewarded at the 2008 Franchise Marketing Awards

The leaders of the UK’s major franchise companies gathered to reward excellence in marketing when the winners of the 2008 Franchise Marketing Awards were announced on Friday 4 April.
Over 400 figures from the UK’s highly successful £11 billion franchise industry enjoyed a glamorous gala dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, to recognise the many companies whose investment in marketing and creativity have contributed significantly to the industry’s continuing growth and development. The winning entries highlighted the impressive quality and range of marketing in this vibrant industry sector.

PR Advice Free on Facebook

A Gloucestershire based Public Relations Agency is the first in the UK to use the power of Facebook to help small to medium sized businesses increase their media awareness thanks to holding regular, free, real-time, Question and Answer sessions on the social networking site starting on April 29th.

Businesses are ignoring the green debate

According to a major new study, two out of every three SMEs are ignoring the current environmental debate.  With many larger companies making fundamental changes in how they do business, 67% of SME owner-managers admitted that environmental concerns were failing to have any impact on their company.

SMEs employ more than half of the UK workforce, so these small companies constitute a major segment of the UK’s business community. There is a huge opportunity for these companies to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability, but it seems few are taking up the challenge.

Entrepreneurs get Business Booster advice to help growth

Small business complacency is harming future growth potential and increasing the chance of business failure across London according to information released today by Business Link in London.
With 29 out of 33 London boroughs experiencing a growth in the number of new businesses, only 67% of them are making it to their third birthday, whilst 91% are making it to their first.

Rising credit and interest rates are hurting small firms

New research carried out by the Small Business Research Trust (SBRT), in conjunction with the Forum of Private Business (FPB), shows that smaller firms are bearing the brunt of the credit crunch. The FPB believes that barriers to growth faced by small businesses, in particular the burden of tax, red tape and late payment, must be urgently addressed.

Entrepreneurs predicted to take less risks in 2008

The director of an online site for business angels and budding entrepreneurs warns that the UK economy will suffer if business start-ups steer on the side of caution.
Echoing the thoughts of business angels signed up on the funding site,, Director, Bill Morrows believes that higher interest rates and predictions of an economic downturn will prevent many potential start-up businesses from getting off the ground. 
Starting up a new business can be a huge risk, with 20,000 UK start-ups failing in their first year of business. Coupled with the initial outlay and the fragile state of the current economic climate, it is no wonder that many business ideas will never get further than an outlined plan.

Small business working group must have real influence

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) is urging Prime Minister Gordon Brown to place a new small business working group at the heart of his enterprise policies. The group is to be created within the Business Council for Britain, which currently comprises representatives of big business and celebrities such as Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar. The move follows criticism that smaller firms have been left out in the cold.

Chinese corporate tax reforms

UK companies residing in China are set to have their tax bills increased following the introduction of corporate tax reforms by the Chinese Government.
The new regulations, aimed at levelling the playing field between domestic and overseas companies, also encourage hi-tech and environmentally friendly industries into China.
Stephen Weatherseed, Head of the Grant Thornton UK China Group, which advises UK companies conducting business in China, says that in most case a new 25% corporate tax rate now applies across the board for both international and domestic companies.

Your email address might stop business

4 in 10 potential customers in London and South East are put off using firms that don’t use business email addresses
Image counts as research shows 95% of people check a company’s website before making a purchase, with over 40% admitting to avoiding a business if it doesn’t use business email
A professional business image is what counts when attracting customers, reveals new research by Loudhouse, commissioned by Microsoft UK. 81% of people think it is more important than ever that a local business appears professional with 84% believing a professional image conveys a good quality service, and 69% stating that it gives a sense of honesty and trustworthiness.