They aren’t called Dragons for nothing! James Caan’s investment practice in the den exposed

When Sharon Wright, wanted to increase the profitability of her fledgling business Talpa Products, which produced the award-winning Magnamole product, she did what many entrepreneurs dream of and walked up the famous steps in TV’s Dragons’ Den and walked back down again with a deal done and with the two dragons that she had wanted, for more money than she had asked for. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? However without the cameras, the deal became anything but perfect. We talk to Wright about what went wrong and why the perfect deal turned so sour.

Personalisation – Join the cult of ‘customer lovers’

The customer is king so engage them with an experience fit for royalty. Gone are the days of admiration for shop windows and acceptance of repetitive brochure sites. Today’s consumer prizes customer service and their own time above all else when shopping online but most brands are not delivering on these demands.

Maintaining great customer relations requires something of a ‘cult’ instinct. Disregarded by many, but cultivated by true believers, an unadulterated commitment to customer service sets brands apart from competitors.