Mental health concerns stop UK businesses from hiring more Veterans’

Over half of UK businesses polled agreed there is a reluctance among UK businesses to hire Veterans due to fears they may suffer from psychological injuries, yet 84 per cent recognised that experience in the Forces could offer valuable skills to a business environment.

Three quarters agreed that they would hire more Veterans if they had expert advice on how to understand and support them in the workplace, with the same proportion agreeing that UK businesses don’t know enough about external support available to Veterans with psychological injuries in the workplace.

Anna Soubry, Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, said: “While the vast majority of service leavers make a successful transition to civilian life, we know there is a minority who require support, which is why the government has a wide range of support schemes in place.

“I applaud the hundreds of businesses that have signed up to the Covenant – after this Government enshrined it into law – to help to ensure all members of the Armed Forces community receive the support and recognition they deserve.”

Following recent changes to the composition of the British Armed Forces, an increasing number of former Service personnel are entering civilian employment. At the same time the military is increasing the number of Reservists in all branches of the Armed Forces. With many UK businesses actively recruiting Veterans and Reservists in order to benefit from their unique skills and experience, this must-attend event will ensure companies are equipped to best support ex-Services’ employees through potential future health issues.

Image: Soldiers by Shutterstock