London’s Groucho Club set to open new club in Yorkshire

The Groucho Club, renowned for its vibrant history in London's Soho, is venturing into uncharted territory by expanding to the West Yorkshire countryside.

The Groucho Club, renowned for its vibrant history in London’s Soho, is venturing into uncharted territory by expanding to the West Yorkshire countryside.

Set within the grounds of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Bretton Hall in Wakefield, the new outpost will offer a blend of club and hotel facilities, featuring approximately 60 rooms.

Ewan Venters, CEO of Artfarm and Hauser & Wirth, emphasized the strategic significance of the move to Yorkshire, suggesting that it holds greater appeal than venturing abroad, in a subtle dig at competitors. Venters highlighted the region’s cultural diversity and vibrant creative communities, positioning it as an ideal location for the Groucho Club’s expansion.

Founded in 1985, the Groucho Club has a rich history of embracing creativity and inclusivity, welcoming members from various artistic disciplines. Venters assured that the new location would retain the essence of the Soho establishment while offering an array of cultural events, including music performances and lectures.

The decision to expand to Yorkshire aligns with a broader trend of luxury brands establishing a presence beyond traditional metropolitan hubs. Notably, Soho House is establishing its first northern base in Manchester, while other ventures like the Sessions Arts Club restaurant have launched artist retreats in scenic locales.

Venters emphasized the project’s potential to contribute to the local economy, citing the successful revitalization of the Fife Arms hotel in Braemar, Scotland. He underscored the importance of fostering cultural and economic prosperity across the UK, rejecting the notion of “levelling up” as a disparaging term.

The partnership with Rushbond Group signifies a departure from conventional expansion strategies, distinguishing the Groucho Club’s approach from that of competitors like Soho House. Venters highlighted the unique cultural landscape of Yorkshire, emphasizing its appeal to creative professionals from neighboring cities like Leeds and Manchester.

With plans to reopen in 2026, Bretton Hall aims to attract London members seeking a retreat amidst the picturesque Yorkshire countryside. Venters expressed optimism about the venture’s ability to appeal to a diverse demographic, reflecting Yorkshire’s multicultural ethos.

While international expansion remains on the agenda, Venters stressed the importance of conquering West Yorkshire first, underscoring the Groucho Club’s commitment to embracing new horizons while staying true to its London roots.