CBI calls on UK business leaders to stamp out sexual harassment

In the wake of Hollywood and now Westminster being rocked by sexual harassment claims opening many to come forward with similar experiences Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, has made clear the organisations stance within UK business.

Fairbairn said: “Sexual harassment in all forms is totally unacceptable in today’s Britain. The harm done to people’s lives, self-esteem and dignity is profound. We must work together to stamp it out.

“Westminster and Hollywood are currently in the spotlight, but there can be no doubt that it exists elsewhere, including in some businesses.

“Businesses take the wellbeing and welfare of their employees very seriously. But sexual harassment is often hidden and can come in many guises. Only committed leadership will ensure the workplace is free from sexual harassment and that, when it does happen, there are robust processes to deal with it.

“We are therefore today calling on the UK’s business leaders to step up to stamp out sexual harassment in the workplace. They should:

  • Ensure they have clear processes for employees to report concerns over sexual harassment, in confidence and without fear
  • Review or develop their code of conduct about what is and is not acceptable behaviour and ensure everyone understands it
  • Continue to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of their workforces at all levels, including the most senior

“Establishing a supportive culture and effective process across all business is a priority for the CBI and our members. The CBI will bring together large and small firms to support change, building on and sharing existing practice to prevent harassment across all workplaces. This must be a turning point across society.”