Asos, Boohoo and George promise to be ‘clear and accurate’ over eco-claims

Asos, Boohoo and George promise 'clear and accurate' eco-claims

Three major budget fashion brands in the UK, ASOS, Boohoo, and George at Asda, have committed to changing the way they communicate the environmental impact of their clothing following intervention by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The CMA emphasised the importance of presenting accurate and clear eco-claims to consumers and highlighted the detrimental effects of “greenwashing,” where products are falsely marketed as eco-friendly without sufficient information.

As part of its investigation into the fashion sector, the CMA found that ASOS, Boohoo, and George at Asda agreed to alter their practices regarding the display, description, and promotion of their environmental credentials. The companies pledged to provide clear criteria for including products in eco-friendly ranges and to back up claims such as “recycled” or “organic” with specific information.

The CMA’s interim executive director for consumer protection and markets, George Lusty, emphasized the need for green claims to be substantiated and understandable to consumers. The investigation did not result in legal action against the fashion firms, but they made commitments to ensure the accuracy and clarity of their eco-claims.

ASOS welcomed the voluntary undertakings made by the three brands, stating that they would establish a benchmark for the industry. Boohoo expressed satisfaction that the investigation did not lead to legal action and reaffirmed its commitment to providing accurate information to customers. Boohoo’s chief executive, John Lyttle, emphasized the importance of collective solutions to sustainability challenges in the fashion industry.

In addition to these commitments, the CMA published an open letter urging other fashion companies to review their environmental claims and ensure compliance with consumer protection laws.