Why promotional merchandise is key to your marketing mix

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One of the most cost effective methods of reaching more customers and driving brand awareness is the use of promotional products.

Even the largest conglomerates see promotional merchandise as key to their overall marketing mix – here’s why

Promotional products have long been one of the most effective marketing tactics of all time and for the most part, a marketing strategy that is wholly under-rated and often overlooked by companies which is by all accounts, a marketing mistake.

To kick us off, let’s look at some promotional merchandise stats:

  • In the UK alone, 8 out 10 people own a promotional product of some kind from a business
  • 6 out of the 10 people mentioned above hold on to promotional items for an average of two years
  • 82% of people buy from businesses that they own promotional merchandise of
  • 69% of people give away promotional products if they don’t need them

Now we know the figures, here’s just some reasons why you should be investing in promotional merchandise:

Low-Cost – Great return

If you’re a small business, marketing is everything and most small businesses dream of a multi-threaded advertising approach that will make a noise about their products or services. Promotional products allow for small businesses to effectively market their business whilst keeping costs down.

There are a whole plethora of different low-cost promotional items that businesses can choose to advertise on – including mugs, stickers, t-shirts and various other mediums.

Mugs and t-shirts are amongst the most popular with over 57% of people being able to recall the advertiser found on their mugs.

Brand Awareness

Probably one of the most powerful forms of brand awareness tools are promotional products. We’ve all been to some form of exhibition or show and we’ve all encountered some form of merchandise in one way or another. We normally pick up these products, put them in bags and take them home. Why not checkout jute bags for your next event.

Once in the home, promotional products are around the clock advertising and brand awareness – it’s advertising that will dramatically pay for itself over time.

Customer Loyalty

Everyone loves a freebie and promotional items are not an exception to that rule. Normally, if a company is to giveaway free merchandise, people will be more inclined to use the business (psychologically, they feel as though they owe you one!).

Promotional items can help potential customers feel already valued – even if they’re not an already existing client.

Promotional Items can work as a business card

Business cards themselves are one thing, but promotional merchandise seems to pack more of a punch as a business card rather than an actual business card. 9 out of 10 people in the UK said that they’re more susceptible to remembering a brand if they have a promotional item above a business card.

Over 71% of consumers actually admit to throwing away business cards within the first month of receiving them – so promotional items really come up trumps here.

Promotional merchandise just works

On the whole, promotional merchandise just works as a fantastic way to market your business no matter how large or small. So get yourself down to a promotional items store and start marketing – you’ll inevitably see successes if you’re branding is on point.