When is the right time to check if your website needs revamping?

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Your website is the front face of your business. When you tell anyone, be it your friends, family, or your acquaintances about where your work, the first thing they do is to google about your company and check out its website.

But if you’re afraid that they check out your website and will start judging you on the basis of your website’s look and functionality, are you sure that this is right? Are you sure you don’t need to work upon your website revamping or you should think about creating a new website?

Well, if you’re too ashamed to tell your friends and family to tell about it, or don’t want to share it with anyone, I believe it’s time to talk to your boss about it. There are a few things that you might be missing on which are giving you a continuous signal that you need to revamp your website. But how’d you know? Okay, let’s figure out. If you’re facing some or all of these issues then I believe it’s time you revamp your website:

Are you losing customers?If your customers or visitors visiting the website and are finding it difficult to view or access in their browser or device, then there is a lot of chances your website needs revamping.

Does Google Still love you?Is your Google ranking going down? Have you not updated your website for a long time? If yes, it’s time to think again on revamping your website on a high priority.

Is new hiring or employee retention becoming difficult?If you are finding it difficult to hire new employees or keeping your employees, it is necessary to have a look what’s wrong. As potential new hires always look for your website first before making a final decision. If you fail to impress them at first, there are 70% chances they will not move ahead with the joining process.

Are your competitors outranking you?If you aren’t keeping your website updated, your competitors will outrank you for sure as there are hundreds of websites launching every day.

If you’re facing any of these or all of the above difficulties, you should move ahead with your website audit and find out the major reason by evaluating the same. Here are some of the major points that you need to look for in your website before you find out if your website needs revamping.

Top Things to Watch Out for While Evaluating Your Website for Revamping

Is your Website’s Information Updated?

If you haven’t updated your website in a long time, Google might think that you’re out of business and will not give you priority while ranking. Keeping your website updated is a real necessity in this internet driven world.  So, from time to time you need to update the team members, deleting the ones who have left and adding newcomers in the team page.

Also, maintaining and updating a blog helps you solve the purpose. But if you have not updated this in a long time, it is time for you to update you as you might be showing an expired deal 2 years ago on google results.

Do you Have Social Buttons

More than 30% of the traffic on a website is generated from Social Media where you can find a majority of your potential customers. Having social buttons adds to the chances of getting viral over social media. If someone likes your post or blog while reading and want to share it on Social Media, it becomes really helpful for the reader to share it directly if you’ve added Social sharing buttons. Not having social buttons will be a turn off for the user and he might leave it in the process of copy-pasting the link to share.

Google also announced that if you don’t have a social sharing button, you don’t bother having a website or its virility at all. Also, while ranking blog posts, Google looks out for its social engagements and shares and having social sharing buttons ultimately helps you in many ways.

Is your Website Responsive or Mobile Friendly

This is one such thing which went unnoticed by many website admins. Having a mobile friendly or Responsive website is as important as having the website itself. Also, Google has mentioned that mobile friendly or responsive websites are always given priority over non-mobile friendly or unresponsive websites in Google search results.

If you’re unaware about what responsive website means, I’ll brief you about it:

Responsive Website means how your website responds to different viewports. Does it adjust itself according to the screen size or not.

You’ll be amazed to know, 52% of your website’s traffic comes from mobile, so you need to be sure of it that your website is mobile friendly. You can use a tool like LambdaTest to test your website’s responsiveness or mobile friendliness and if it turns out to be non-responsive or non- mobile friendly, you need to make your website mobile friendly right away!

Is your Website Broken in Different Browsers?

Argh! If that’s the case, you need to make it cross browser compatible immediately. Cross browser compatibility or compatibility of a website on different browsers is the biggest hurdle in your website’s growth. So, if you haven’t yet checked how your website looks on Internet Explorer or Safari or other browsers than the browser you are using right now, it’s time to go ahead and test your website’s cross browser compatibility.

As, if you haven’t tested it, your website might be inaccessible to your users who are using the different browsers to access your website and you might be missing out on a huge customer base. You can use LambdaTest to test your website’s cross browser compatibility.

Analyze your Traffic and see what’s missing

Analyze how many people are visiting your website daily. Use some tool like Google Analytics to see from where your traffic is coming, what browser they are using, how is the bounce rate, which pages have a low conversion rate.

Use this data and see if there are some specific pages which are causing your users to bounce back or not to convert, is is the website in general? If that’s the case, you need to do a detailed analysis and see what needs to be done, the website needs modification or revamping?

Do competitors always outrank you?

So, you have a website, fairly built, but your competitors always outrank you in google search results. If this is one of the issues you’re facing even after having a fairly built website then your website itself can be the problem(but not always alone). You need to analyze it deeply or might have to revamp it completely by revisiting it. If you don’t have a blog, you need to create one as blogs help in indexing and indexed pages provide you an upper hand while ranking in google search.

Check for Broken Links and Missing Pages

Have you already checked for broken links and four-oh-fours? If not, check it already because this can be one of the things that might have caught up in your google analytics and giving a signal of your website as a poor one to the google.

You can use tools like BrokenLinkCheck or SemRush or use some chrome extensions to check the same. If you have some broken links or 404s, fix them immediately. Broken website is a big blocker for your business, you need website revamping very much if that’s the case.

Do you have fresh content?

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t update your website regularly with some fresh content, Google will think you’re out of business or the website is no longer active. Hence you need to keep it updated. The easiest way to keep your website updated is to maintain a blog. So, if you don’t have a blog or some resource that helps keep your website updated, it’s time to take this to the higher-ups and get it done immediately.

How are your Website’s conversions?

If you haven’t looked up to your website’s conversion like how many visitors are now your users or customers, it is time to look into it. Are your loyal customers coming back to you again over a period of time or not?

If someone clicks on the Check out button and still doesn’t pay? Then it’s time to look into your website and go for some revamping and revisiting.

Once you look at the following factors and see that you’re facing some or all the issues with your website, you need to take a serious call here and go for your website’s revamping.

Staying updated is really necessary in this world, even you miss out on any one of the following things, you might see your business suffering a lot! Hence, you need to make sure that your website follows the trends and keep up with them. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below, and I’ll be happy to answer.