Tips to optimize your brand’s Instagram account for maximum exposure

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Instagram has become one of the leading marketing platforms in recent years. From small businesses to big organizations, everyone is leveraging the power of Instagram to create brand awareness and boost sales. No matter the size of your business creating a business account is crucial than ever. 

It not only helps in increasing sales but it also helps in building a brand image. In fact, Instagram is the top platform for social media influencers. Most businesses use social media influencer marketing to boost brand awareness. You can also gain free Instagram likes and followers via third-party tools. However, you need to optimize your brand’s Instagram account in order to gain maximum exposure. You need to do more than just sharing your brand’s content. 

Let’s have a look at a few tips to optimize your brand’s Instagram account for maximum exposure. 

Switch to Business Account

Instagram provides the privilege to choose between regular and business accounts. The Instagram business account provides a variety of features and tools to grow your brand efficiently and effectively. However, you need to first create a Facebook business page to create a business account on Instagram and to promote your brand. 

When compared to standard profiles, business accounts get a lot more opportunities to promote their brand. You can enhance your future contents based on the insights of previous posts and increase engagement. 

Moreover, you can also display contact information (phone number and email address), allowing your customers to reach you directly. Since Instagram’s business account provides separate space for contact information that saves valuable space in your bio. 

Intriguing Bio

Bio not only reflects the nature of your brand, but it also is the first point of contact for your target audience. A bad or copied bio will only take them away to your competitor’s business. Make sure your bio stands out of the crowd and attracts your potential customers. Add a link of your website or blog in the bio to redirect potential customers to your website where you can convert them. 

Try to convey your brand’s message in as short as possible (one or two lines). This will give users a reason to follow your business page and to engage with your brand.  

Attractive Captions

Stunning visuals are not enough these days. You also need to write attractive and eye-catchy captions to increase engagement on Instagram. Instagram has set a limit of 2200 characters for captions, so make sure you keep it simple yet attractive. Also, include all the relevant hashtags to increase post visibility and try to add a call-to-action button to increase conversion rate. 

Encourage Engagement

Fresh and compelling content can easily be discovered on Instagram if it has a lot of engagement. Therefore, likes, comments, and views are the most important metrics on Instagram. These things determine the position of your posts on the “Search” feed that displays posts based on users interest. 

Share exiting posts and encourage your followers to comment on it. Also, try to create posts your followers want to see. Create a survey to understand your followers’ likes and dislikes. Use the data to create interesting and engaging posts. 

Respond to comments

This is what big brands are bad at. They rarely reply to their followers’ comments. If necessary, hire someone to respond to the comments on your brand’s behalf. 

People tend to engage with the brand more when they feel their opinions are valued. Respond to both positive and negative comments. Make sure you solve user’s problem who have a negative feeling about your brand.

Use DM to solve user’s queries who are not satisfied with your product/service to improve user experience and hence followers. 


Leveraging the power of business account on Instagram will help you enhance your brand’s image and increase brand awareness. This is why most of the big industries post regularly on Instagram. 

Both Instagram and your followers thrive for fresh content regularly. So, make sure you upload new photos and updates related to your business in a creative and engaging way. It will increase user interaction, as a result, your brand’s overall exposure. The most important thing is to use relevant keywords that allow users interested in businesses similar to you, find you easily.