5 cool benefits of having an Instagram business profile


Instagram started in 2010, and a few people started using it for fun.

However, those who used it for marketing their businesses noted a drastic change that led to many other business owners creating Instagram accounts.

However, what many do not know is that there are cool benefits that come with having an Instagram business profile over being just an average user of Instagram. One such benefit includes accessing Instagram insights.

Also, you can add a contact button as well as links to your Instagram stories. Again, even with a tight schedule, you can post at the intended time by scheduling your posts. More so, you can promote posts and advertise any products or services you are selling.

Allows You To Add A Contact Button

For those interested in your business to reach you, you’ll need a contact button. However, this contact button isn’t only supposed to help your followers to call you but also to send you an email or identify the location you are in.

Through an email, they can send you a detailed request of what they want. And if they want to see your products and services personally, they can comfortably come to your shop.

Can Add Links To Your Instagram Stories

You can add links to your Instagram stories as long as you have a business Instagram profile and more than 10, 000 followers on Instagram. This is an effective and fast way of bringing traffic right at the doorsteps of your business.

However, it is crucial to have a call to action so that people can know what you expect from them. Studies show that out of those who will see your post, 75% will take action. That’s the motive of every business owner. Isn’t it? That’s why you can’t miss having a business profile on Instagram.

Ability To Schedule Posts

Do you have a tight schedule that makes you forget or have no time to make posts on Instagram? No need worry. With an Instagram business profile, you can create posts and schedule them so that depending on the time you have scheduled them, they’ll automatically publish.

This is another cool advantage of having an Instagram business profile since, without it, it’s not possible to auto-publish. Again, you’ll not have to deal with alarms and reminders, as previously was the case.

Accessing Instagram Insights

As a business owner, there is a need to assess your account so as to know how your business is doing. You get to know this by verifying how the posts you make are performing. You can tell what kind of content interest people most and which one doesn’t. Plus, you can get comprehensive analytics on how your account is performing or has been performing over the last two years.

Also, these insights give you summarized yet detailed information on how many people viewed your profile, the number of people following you, the number of clicks on your site as well as your emails, and impressions.

Not only that, you can tell when your followers are most active, which country they come from, their age and gender.

Ability To Promote Posts And Make An Advertisement

Ads can convert easily than just normal posts within a short time. With them, your business can take a new and unpredicted turn and grow. And with your Instagram business profile, you can access Instagram ads as well as promote your posts to make more sales through calls to actions.

As previously stated in this article, out of all of your followers, 75% will take action by clicking on the link to your site or buying a product. More so, you can also invest in Instagram growth service so as to earn yourself more followers and reach a bigger audience when doing promotions.

The Exit

Without an Instagram business profile, you cannot access any of the above benefits. Of course, that also means that your business will not grow as you would want it to and you will not make lots of sales. You don’t have to be left behind when others are going higher. It is simple. Create an Instagram business profile, now.