Social media impact on online casinos

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The history of Social Media looks quite different from what it is today. The way it is used and its market reach, both have changed hugely.

When Facebook was first introduced, people loved it because they could stay connected to all loved ones and share photographs on a real-time basis. But today, that is not the only reason why people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Expanding Customer Base

Casinos use such platforms to reach out to new people with interest in online gaming and casinos. They are presented with advertisements on their screen to highlight the options available and the benefits of playing. Many players do say that they noticed them as well as were impressed by the advertisements on social media.

Information Sharing

Many casinos have their own official pages on social media networks which they use to flash important information. This includes the launch of new games, with the brief and explanation of what type of game it is. There are also pages for sharing promotional offers. Because they are for a limited period, customers greatly benefit from this. Even potential new customers are lured into trying registration with casinos when they come to understand that they can earn some good rewards while playing online, just with low wagers.

Sharing Feedback and Reviews

It has become very common for people to share their experiences on social media. It has become easy to contact people who are actual users of various products and services because there are communities and groups of various categories. People share their positive and negative feedback on such websites and novel users refer to it while making a buying decision. Some people specifically use them to highlight their bad experiences, to get problem resolution in time. Same is the case with casino and bingo UK industry where players share all feedback and information for others to make use of.

Viral Videos

The concept of viral videos is not very new, but it is now being used by casinos to provide a real-time experience of playing games to potential customers. For e.g. if you search the name of any online game on YouTube, you will find sample videos that include the review and top features, let’s say how does it look when you win big. This comes in handy for new players who are trying to understand a game before putting in real money, and evidently enough, pull them towards the casino.

The Cons

So far so good, but there is a downside too. It has been observed that people who have even the slightest disappointment from games or casinos, portray it in a magnified manner. And with the huge market reach of social media, it spoils the reputation and goodwill of the casino unreasonably.

Social Media has undoubtedly changed things for online casino sites, the way they would have been otherwise. Social media is primary for attracting customers to online casinos which it the basic need for them to exist in the first place. Casinos like Monster casino is using the potential of social media wisely to their benefit and capturing a great market share for themselves.