The most interesting casino facts you never knew

The casino is known to the entire world as the place where you can go with barely anything in your pockets and come out incredibly delicious.

Of course, that kind of success story isn’t just handed out, and only a few fortunate individuals get that privilege. However, you don’t even need to frequent a casino to acknowledge the fact that there are some pretty unique and interesting facts about them. In this article, we are going to check out some intriguing facts about casinos which you are surely going to enjoy. If you want more, you can check out

Do you like slot machines? Guess where they come from?

One of the most iconic things you can find in a casino is the slot machine. However, few know that the slot machine wasn’t invented for the casino. It was invented by a mechanic who fixed cars for a living. He created the slot machine as a distraction for his customers while he was repairing their vehicles. Eventually, this caught on, and slot machines became very popular. And since everyone was talking about them, casinos decided to implement them as well as a form of keeping people occupied while they were waiting for a seat at the table to be open.

The sandwich was invented in a casino

Believe it or not, there used to be a time when someone would hold the title of Earl of Sandwich. Of course, today anyone would jump at that opportunity. The honor used to belong to John Montagu, who was the fourth Earl of Sandwich. He was not only the inventor of the most popular food in the world but also an avid gambler. He liked the casino so much that he ordered to be brought lunch in the casino itself. To be able to eat and play at the same time, he requested that he would receive some meat between two pieces of bread and thus the most iconic dish ever was invented…or at least that’s what the story says.

Monaco citizens aren’t allowed to gamble at the Monaco casinos (indeed, Monaco?)

This might sound ridiculous but wait until you hear this next part. This law came after princess Caroline decided Monaco would only take taxes from the casino earnings. That means that while Monaco residents are unable to enjoy one of the things their city is well known for, they also get to keep more of their money since they don’t have to pay taxes. It’s a pretty nice trade in most people’s opinion.