Reviewed: Straight To Yes!


This book zooms straight in on that moment of truth providing a set of proven tools and techniques for getting to ‘yes,’ every time. The author  instils readers with the confidence to ask bigger, more often and even ask for the impossible – and to get it.

Based on sound psychological principles, Straight To Yes! offers tonnes of winning ways to make requests that get you to ‘yes’ Wholly practical in style and content, the book features accessible, straightforward techniques readers can put into actio

Haider does have a nice, friendly writing style, but there are little hints to go to his website and ‘sign-up’ for things that aren’t in the book….and my ‘marketing alert’ hat went on, and I declined.

I suppose marketing and selling hasn’t changed that much over the years. I’ve had plenty of selling training and Haider covers all the possible permutations of getting someone to say ‘Yes’.

To his credit he includes passages urging the reader to only use the techniques for legal/honest benefit, which I was glad to read.

But do we really need to ‘get’ people to say yes quicker? Which is the premise to the book…. Do we really need to constantly do things quicker and with more speed?….maybe I shouldn’t expect the answers to philosophical questions from a book written to help sales-people and ‘persuaders’ to get quicker results.

If you work in sales – or should be selling more – you’ll enjoy what Haider has to offer.