Reviewed: Ecommerce Masterplan

eCommerce is rapidly becoming the biggest player in the market-place – the overheads can be low, the rewards huge. But very few businesses seem to really know what they’re doing, and most operate on a sometimes hit, mostly miss approach.

‘eCommerce MasterPlan’ provides a clear, systematic analysis of what works and what doesn’t for each of the seven different kinds of eCommerce businesses Chloë Thomas has identified. This enables the reader to identify their type of business and select exactly the right mix of marketing methods to minimise risk and maximise reward.

Sensible, straightforward, with practical exercises to apply all the way through, and hosts of extension material available online to ensure that information is kept entirely up to date, this book is a must-read for any marketing manager or small business owner.

Chloë Thomas is best known as an online marketer, since 2004 she has been working to improve the performance of eCommerce businesses by optimising both the traffic that drives the sales and the eCommerce websites themselves.

During her career Chloë has been involved in the marketing of over 50 eCommerce businesses, selling everything from holidays to books. This wide experience includes several start ups as well as helping high street names expand into eCommerce.

Chloë has discovered that there are some clear structures which, when put in place, lead invariably to success. It is those structures, and how to apply them, which she unfolds and explains in her book ‘eCommerce MasterPlan’.