Book Shelf: ‘The Ignorant Maestro’ by Itay Talgam

Travelling the world over a number of years with different orchestras has made Itay Talgam an expert in the field of leadership. Not only has he led numerous groups of musicians, he has also advised leaders in fields ranging from global political figures to start-up entrepreneurs, from scientific researchers to anti-terrorist combat units.

With regular comparisons between the business world and the music world, Talgam outlines what it takes to balance control and creativity, drawing lessons from six world famous composers. Talgam explores different styles of leadership from the commanding Ricardo Muti, the fatherly Arturo Toscanini, the calm Richard Strauss, the guru-like Herbert von Karajan, the dancing Carlos Kleiber, and the master of dialogue Leonard Bernstein.

Acclaimed by the Business Insider and BBC Radio 4, ‘The Ignorant Maestro’ makes for an empowering read, with Talgam’s lessons and stories will motivate you to make sure you have your team singing from the same hymn sheet.