Book shelf: Online Business Startup by Robin Waite

A former web designer, Robin Waite realised pretty quickly in his career that it wasn’t just help with their website his clients needed. They also needed the tools to learn how to manoeuvre successfully through all the new digital mediums available in the world today. And they needed to access that information in a way which made sense to them.

He said: “Many business owners believed a new website would be their saviour and that it would bring customers flocking to them. However, in reality that just wasn’t the case. The overall positioning of many businesses I saw was a disaster. That’s because nine times out of ten they had a poor brand, no business plan and lacked long terms objectives. Not surprisingly, it prevented them from delivering an outstanding product or service to their customers on a regular basis.”

Blogs, podcasts, e-books and social media marketing – Waite’s Online Business Startup is an attempt to help entrepreneur’s overcome the frustrations so many have felt over the years trying to keep up with digital trends and online marketing/branding as a whole. It’s an astute and invaluable read for all business owners out there – not just start-ups.

Online Business Startup is far more than a simplistic ‘How To’ guide on online marketing or SEO. That’s because it takes in the whole area of business strategy for the digital age. It seeks to cut out the wheat from the chaff as it were by pulling out only the essential knowledge every entrepreneur needs when starting up his own online company. This is an easy-to-read book whose chatty but informative approach has seen it rise to a place on Amazon’s highly-regarded Best Seller’s List.

Even someone who doesn’t plan on setting up a business but is currently blogging or using social media will find Waite’s book an interesting exploration into our fast-moving digital age.