5 reasons to use a same-day courier service


Courier services have always been synonymous with ease, but in the past, people have often thought that services came at a steep price.

Luckily today you can ensure same-day courier services without overpaying, whilst reaping some important benefits. In this piece, I will be walking you through the top five reasons why using a same-day courier service will improve your business dramatically.

#1: Convenience

In today’s market with so much competition, being able to offer more convenience will keep you ahead of the pack. A same-day delivery service offers you and your clients the convenience of a 24/7, 365 days-a-year service to ensure your parcels are picked up and delivered on time every time. CitySprint’s same-day delivery service offers the following:

  • Ability to reach 88% of the UK population within 60 minutes
  • Online real-time tracking
  • Easy online booking and account management
  • 10+ different vehicle to choose from for your delivery

This means that whether you have a delivery that must be made the same day, or you receive a sudden urgent request, CitySprint can accommodate your needs at lighting speed with complete transparency.

#2: Flexibility

One of the most important aspects of running a business and satisfying customer needs is flexibility. You want to be able to retain customers and grow their loyalty to your brand. By offering same-day delivery to your customers, you are also offering choices that will keep them happy and suit their requirements.

If, for example, you have to send a high-value product, you can easily book a same-day courier service such as Priority Secure courier offered by CitySprint. This service includes a secure delivery via one handler, with a totally transparent chain of custody at all times.

#3: Reduced Liability

One of the biggest concerns that people have regarding delivery is security. With an online courier service that offers full transparency and real-time tracking, you can ensure a safe and secure arrival that is on time. CitySprint also offers the following services in addition to to their transparent delivery practice:

  1. Additional indemnity for high-value products
  2. Public liability insurance
  3. Time-stamped audit trail and proof of delivery

#4: Pricing

After reading the previous benefits you may think that courier services come with a hefty price tag. You will be surprised to discover that online courier services, and specifically same-day courier services, are actually affordable and save you considerable time and money.

If, for example, you are sending more than 15 parcels a week, you can access an exclusive business rate via CitySprint. You will also save considerable time and effort utilising their easy online booking service.

Online booking has multiple advantages when it comes to same-day delivery:

  • Reduces human error
  • No waiting or forgetting to call in for pickups
  • Digital invoicing and log of deliveries
  • Instant response time for you and your clients
  • Real-time tracking and updates
  • Less paperwork and self-service reporting

Just imagine, it’s late in the afternoon when suddenly you get a call to arrange a large delivery from your office to a client. How can you ensure that the goods will be delivered the same day? Easily jump online to your CitySprint account and book it while your customer is on the phone. Directly tell them the delivery has been booked and add them to the email and SMS delivery notifications to keep them up to date every step of the way, as well as live-track the courier.

#5: Customer Loyalty

Online booking for same-day courier service is a great way to get deliveries on the road fast and opens you up to a range of self-service tools, such as reporting and invoicing. For specific situations, where privacy and security are of the utmost importance such as the legal documents and medical equipment, online booking courier services offer discretion, privacy and peace of mind. Nothing feels better than getting a call from a customer thanking you for another job well done and delivered.

Take Away

If you are considering utilising an online courier service and need same-day service, don’t wait any longer. Same-day courier services are surprisingly inexpensive, convenient and secure ways of meeting high-demand. Setup your online booking account now.