5 lessons the pornographic industry can teach online marketing

porn industry

Porn can teach us a lot, but not sex. Pornography is one of the most important industries in the world: Let’s learn marketing with it

Generally, collective consciousness looks at pornography with a mixture of disgust, moral superiority and contempt. I do not say that it should be otherwise, this is not an opinion post, but I would like to highlight that an industry that generates 30% of the traffic of the entire web (although the calculation is doubtful) deserves, if not our respect, yes our humility and attention.
Obviously we are all respectable adults who do not belong to that vast majority of people who consume porn, and for us porn is something alien and terrifying. Still, and precisely because of that, you should read what we can learn from porn those who are dedicated to online marketing.

Always give something for free. But don’t give it all away

Porn moves more money than Hollywood. Move more money than the pharmaceutical industry or alcohol. And yet it offers free samples of its products to those who want to consume them.

People want free content. Give it to them, and then offer them something better, pay. It is curious that having clips or even movies available to the user, the industry moves so much money. If the current user search for a product and gives a sample (a cropped version, in low quality or old), they will want more.

Do not be afraid to generate free content such as posts, e-books, infographics, guides, trial periods, videos and opinions of a product … it is that kind of value that will give you visibility and allow them to find you, and then, it will leave the potential client with honey on the lips and asking for more. If you do not share information through professional zeal, another will; Your opportunity is to do it before, better or different.

Generalize is for the elect. If not, go to niches

In the world of general porn there are a few producers that can play all the sticks without disheveled. The rest cannot compete to attract such a large audience and fight against large producers, so they must choose to go to a niche or go to ruin. If not, look at the incredible amount of variety of tags that can be used in these videos.

The same happens in the web ecosystem. It is very easy to want to make a blog about animals, but there are so many and it is so generic that it is difficult to capture the user’s attention and generate involvement with it. However, a blog about the panda, with a didactic and friendly approach, can be such a concrete concept that it is done with 100% of that niche.

Then, if you really become a leader, you can try to increase your market to bears in general, and if the play goes well, go using that technique that works to expand your audience. Starting with a generalist bet from the beginning has many cards to be a bad idea.

The same applies to your strategy of pages or products, if you are starting you cannot focus on large terms that generate a large amount of traffic, because the rest of the pages will eat you. Go to niches with little competition, create content thinking of a “weird” but faithful user … always think of long tail.

Innovation, innovation, innovation

The adult film industry is one of the most lucrative and competitive in the world, and therefore providing added value is vital for survival. Part of the innovations that the Internet owes totally or partially to porn are streaming video, secure online payment, live chats or monetization and traffic optimization. That without counting broadband or 3G.

Also, adopt the innovations of others, and do it quickly and differently. Pornstars are one of the fastest and most successful segments of the different social networks, the first porn film and application with Google Glass came out before they were for sale and other elementary applications have been adapted for device. One of the first sectors that adapted to navigation and mobile apps was porn. Your maxim is to satisfy the customer, literally.

The more they share your content, the better

The adult cinema on the Internet works through pages that publish paid content, usually by subscription, and those that share fragments of these contents for free. In fact, 9 out of 10 porn websites like ThePornDude share or make selection of free content. This shows 2 things: if you make content, you are interested in sharing it. Better if they accredit you, if they put sources, if they put links and even better if they say that you are great, but the important thing is that they share it and that it reaches more people. It does not matter that 90% of your content is distributed from third parties, in the end that benefits you. Indirectly, this also demonstrates the ability to generate benefit from free websites for advertising and to generate a return to third parties.

Imitate Hollywood

Did you just watch this porn parody of Super Mario? Well, it doesn’t end there: Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Big Bang Theory … in fact, Internet Rule 34 clearly says that if it exists, there is porn about it. In the online world we can take advantage of Hollywood products in a more indirect way: We have to learn from their ability to tell stories to know how to create a satisfactory story about our product or service.

We have to learn to be more spectacular, add more feeling to the daily experience of our users, including passion in our work, put special effects on everything we do every day. Ultimately the film industry and the marketing that accompanies it is one of the most sophisticated that exist due to its age and the money they generate.

If we learn from the pornographic industry, it is that there are no longer magazines under the bed bases or closed-door section in the video clubs. To be honest, there are no more video clubs at all, and fewer and fewer magazines.

The digitalization of culture is a reality, and with it products and services. The maximum is, if you are not on the Internet you have many possibilities of disappearing in the immediate future, and if you are, you have an unimaginable ability to grow.