Big data specialist bd4travel raises $4.2M in funding round

The investment comes as Simon Breakwell, Expedia founder and partner at TCV, joins the company as Chairman.

bd4travel is a real-time personalisation platform for the online travel industry. It profiles individual visitors by analysing their behaviour and delivers the most relevant products and services in real-time with the highest probability to convert.

Since the arrival of big data tools, the travel industry has been searching for ways to improve the customer experience and boost conversion rates. However, the current generation of tools are limited in their ability to generate actionable insights on each unique user.

“When our customers see that we can generate rich user profiles and predict the travel wishes for anonymous site visitors, when all they’ve seen before is their traffic numbers, clickstream and CRM measures, they tend to be pretty blown away,” revealed Andy Owen-Jones, CEO of bd4travel. “The future of the travel market is hyper-personalization, where users are appreciated and serviced as individuals and travel offers are recommended according to their actual desire”.

“We back teams which have the opportunity to become global successes based on game changing technology. bd4travel is well positioned to be disruptive in one of the world’s largest industry segments,” commented Hussein Kanji, partner at Hoxton Ventures.

bd4travel has proven its technology with some of the largest and most sophisticated travel companies. With the funding the company will increase its international customer base and broaden its product offering.

bd4travel was founded in 2013 by Andy Owen-Jones, Melanie Sickenberger and Ibrahim Husseini, all of whom had worked together at Traveltainment – the market leader in leisure travel booking solutions in Europe. The team before held key positions at Amadeus, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Yahoo. This has given bd4travel access to leading online travel companies and data expertise specific to the industry.

In November bd4travel was awarded the ‘Brand USA Marketing Innovation Award‘ at the industry leading PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit in Los Angeles, California. The company is based in Frankfurt and recently opened an office in London at The Trampery’s Traveltech Lab.