Steven Bartlett invests in chapter 2 to revolutionise recruitment industry

Steven Bartlett invests in Chapter 2 to revolutionise the recruitment industry. Chapter 2 offers scalable, tech-enabled talent solutions, addressing the inefficiencies of traditional recruitment methods and delivering cost-effective results for businesses globally.

Steven Bartlett, renowned for his role on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and as host of the Diary of a CEO podcast, has announced his investment in Chapter 2, a tech-enabled recruitment and talent company.

This move aims to transform the outdated recruitment industry and deliver faster, more cost-effective hiring solutions for businesses globally.

Founded by Leo Harrison in 2020, Chapter 2 addresses the inefficiencies of traditional recruitment models by offering scalable talent solutions that combine the agility of an agency with the cultural insight of an in-house team. The company’s innovative approach centres around three key pillars: People, Process, and Technology, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Notable clients such as John Lewis and Bumble have already benefited from Chapter 2’s impressive 248% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Steven Bartlett’s investment is driven by a shared vision to modernise the recruitment landscape. Bartlett commented, “Hiring a great group of people is the single, most important objective for any company aiming to be great. Traditional recruitment companies are often expensive, misaligned, and culturally out of touch. Chapter 2, led by the exceptional Leo Harrison, is designed to fix these issues. This partnership is not just to power my company’s talent needs at Flight Group but to support high-potential companies worldwide.”

Chapter 2’s global presence spans the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, India, and Germany, positioning it to deliver world-class talent solutions across various markets. By joining Bartlett’s business ecosystem, Chapter 2 aims to enhance its service offerings and accelerate growth for top-tier businesses.

Leo Harrison, CEO and founder of Chapter 2, remarked, “The recruitment and talent acquisition sector is ripe for disruption. Attracting and retaining the top 0.1% of talent is increasingly challenging in today’s market. As the Global COO of OLIVER Agency, I recognised the need for a more effective recruitment solution, which led to the creation of Chapter 2. With Steven’s support, we will extend our reach and ensure we provide a first-class talent solution that delivers unparalleled results for our clients.”