Killing Kittens one of world’s biggest sex parties aimed at women opens equity funding raise

killing kittens raise capital

Killing Kittens, the ultimate female empowerment brand, has invited its 100,000 members to take part in equity crowdfunding campaign

As a brand that continues to lead the charge in the female adult sector, Killing Kittens is the first brand of its kind to crowdfund publicly and invite interested investors to join the KK Army.

Investors large and small will support the Killing Kittens vision and deliver unforgettable experiences that continue to inspire confidence, sexuality and femininity whilst continuing to push the boundaries for female expression.

With 85 per cent of its current revenue generated via UK membership, the funding raised is to enable global business growth, with focus on the USA and rest of the world, with a view to increasing its current affluent 100,000+ membership.

Taking advantage of a short private funding window, current KK members have already invested nearly 50 per cent of the £500k target, ahead of the public raise opening.  In a strategic move, the team at Killing Kittens has declined standard private equity instead opting to offer the chance to its own ‘Kommunity’ first.

The online dating scene has a predicted 3.9 per cent sector annual growth rate and Killing Kittens wants to own its growth in-line. Funds raised will be used to engage the increasing 300 million global online daters that don’t yet know their brands whilst increasing current and future customer retention for growth.

Funding will enable:

The launch of multiple events across the world; grow marketing activities and look to achieve a 50 per cent growth of US market.

The funding will also fund the launch of a KK app to create a truly social experience for both its kommunity and brands to partner in a way that has never been seen

Emma Sayle, CEO Killing Kittens said: “We consider ourselves one of the first female empowerment brands to market. The organic growth of the Killing Kittens brand is due to our incredible Kommunity. The KK members are passionate advocates and their ongoing support since we launched has fuelled the decision to give them first access to investing in the wider global growth of the business.

“We already have international visibility but we want to engage with more women across the globe and having the power of the KK Kommunity behind us on this journey was paramount to this being a successful process.”

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